what a backwards scheme

I feel like I’ve been so productive today. I managed to do nothing at work. Well, I did stuff, but everything I did benefitted me in some way. I cleaned my house- vacuumed my floor, mopped the bathroom and kitchen, wrote out a few postcards, followed my diet(i’ll get to that later), leveled my mage(my new character on world of warcraft) from 24 to 26, and I managed to squeeze a 22 minute nap in there! I think I have perfected napping. I know exactly the amount of time to dedicate to napping to avoid that groggy/fuzzy feeling depending upon the time of day, time of year…I’ll make a graph of it some day.

diet! so, I’m on a diet. It’s not one of those “omg, im a fatass” diets. It’s a diet because I’m worried about my blood pressure. Both my parents, and my little sister suffer and are medicated for high blood pressure. Two of my relatives have died from high blood pressure related causes. So, I worry. I’ve neve had a problem with it. Until now! When I was at the doctor’s with a friend last week, I got my blood pressure checked and even though it wasn’t high enough to need medication, the nurse said it wasn’t good and that I should try to lower it. Enter the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet. A diet limiting sodium intake, sweets, sugars, red meat, but increasing intake of dairy, fruits, nuts, fish. So far so good. Hopefully, I can keep it up. Well, I have no choice if I actually care for myself. Sheesh!

anyway…HEY Y’ALL! What’s your favorite song of ALL TIME!? My friend Robert asked me today and I immediately knew what song it was. It doesn’t necessarily have to be brilliantly written or amazingly composed. Just the song that means the most to you and is perfect for you! Tell me! Mine has been the same since I was 16 or 17. It touched me in ways I can’t explain when I first heard it and still does. It was what I listened to in my room when I was an over emotional teen. Ahh, those days. Hehe. Even though my music taste has changed since then, this song and this album still means the world to me! So, without further yappings, my favorite song of all time
the world has turned and left me here-weezer


4 thoughts on “what a backwards scheme

  1. Wow, Weezer…

    Memories of long, warm summers, listening to Weezer!

    My favourite would probably be ‘Emaline’ by Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five.

    My first daughter will also be called Emaline for that reason.

  2. Hi! I love ex-pat blogs. I’m in Aussie (from Philly). Can;t wait to learn more about where you are :)

    My favorite song is Tainted Love by Softcell – but it has to be the version going into the cover of Where Did Our Love Go – otherwise you’re totally cheated! A close second is Use Me Up by Bill Withers. My favorite song changes 230957 times per day with my mood, but these two are old stand-bys and will always be favorites.

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