Congrats on your second championship win, Gotham Roller Derby!!!

I spent a majority of my weekend watching the Derby News Network’s feed of Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) championships. Most of my readers aren’t derby girls so let me let you know how big this is. WFTDA is the governing body of flat track derby. It consists of 124 leagues internationally! Each of these leagues belong to one of five regions. After each season, the top ten teams from each region compete at a regional level. Then, the top three teams from each region go on to championships! And the winner of championships is the number one team! Congrats again,Gotham! I love watching the top teams play each other. It’s inspiring and I always learn something new.

I urge all of you to go see a derby bout. Chances are, with 125 leagues around you have one in or near your town! So, go check it out!


testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

I have my derby test today. You know, the one that allows me to not just be a part of the league, but on a team? Yea, that one! Stoked! I’m not overconfident, but I  do want to say that I am not worried. I got this! I’ve done it before, I can do it again!

you make me hahahahhahahahappy

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Life is good. A little busy, but good. My bf was here for a couple of days! He drove the 12 hours to spend 4 days with  me. It was a good visit. Short, but I’ll take what I can get. After living together for 2 years, long distance is especially hard. But, as I have to remind myself daily, temporary.  Can’t wait until our next visit which is in 3 and a half weeks and coincides with my derby ball!

Roller derby  is great. I test for a spot on a team next week. Nervous and excited about it all. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been alternating between each teams practices. I have enjoyed practicing with all the teams and they’ve all been more than helpful and welcoming to me. Next week after I pass my test, I will choose which team I want to be a part of (they have to want me too!). I have no idea which one I’ll pick. In a couple of weeks, I have a derby ball! As a new girl, I’ll wear white and get paddled. Sort of an initiation of sorts. I’m excited and on the hunt for a new white dress.

School is alright as well. I had my first tests this week.For once in my life I haven’t been procrastinating so no stress from school…yet!

Also, I want to learn to longboard. Mostly because of this video

Freaking awesome, right?! Someone teach me!

oh noes, my skirt!

I didn’t puke. In fact, after I got into the venue, I wasn’t nervous at all. It was really weird. I kept waiting and waiting on the nerves to kick in, but they never did. Bout day was amazing. There were a couple of hundred fans in the crowd cheering us on. Even though we were behind the entire game, you couldn’t tell that by the cheers. Anytime our jammer broke through, they roared. Any time a body hit the floor they roared. It was very encouraging. My team did not win, but I’ve never had more fun losing. We played a good game, and got a lot of constructive criticism about our playing. I can’t wait to watch the tapes of our bout and dissect it and figure out on what and how we can improve. Oh, and I would love to see the part where our jammer takes a whip off my skirt and pulls it down! Thank goodness I was wearing undies!!

that’s me #9 in the white skirt!

I can’t wait to do it again in 2 weeks.

In other news, I am currently trying out a new gym. So far, so good! My goal is to go 3 times a week (on non derby days) and do 45 min of cardio and then some strength, weight, or resistance training. I need to cross train. Roller derby  has been a blessing to my legs and thighs, but my upper body could use a little work :)


My entire weekend was filled with roller derby and it was awesome. Saturday my team and I volunteered at an event organized by our league President at WVU’s coliseum. Kids were allowed to see and explore different trucks(postal trucks, semis, ambulance, firetruck, etc.), cars, and even a helicopter. At our booth, we painted faces, gave airbrushed tattoos, and dressed up as SuperWhy characters(see pic below. I was Princess Presto, the black princess ^_^ ). It was a great event and it raised $10,000 for Timmy’s Fund, an organization dedicated to assisting families who are currently battling childhood cancer!

On Sunday, me, the bf, another roller girl and her hubby, drove to Ohio for 2 scrimmages. I had pre-scrimmage worries about how I would perform. I had nothing to worry about. I did fine! I am actually ok with the way I played instead of beating myself up about my performance.  The first scrimmage was my team v. another leagues B-team. We won! The second scrimmage was a mix of girls from 3 teams including ours, split into two teams. It was a lot of fun, but very tiring to play in two scrimmages back to back. I didn’t play much in the second scrimmage, but I was still worn out at the end of the day.


Taught my last day of preschool yesterday.  They graduate tomorrow. Woohoo! GTFO. Just kidding…or am I? ^_-

Scrimmage today

Okay, Soph! You already had your first scrimmage jitters last month. You aren’t  nervous anymore and you are a beast. Now prove it!!!


The last scrimmage I played in was my first (mixed)scrimmage and I was so nervous! I was too nervous to hit, too nervous to direct other people- I didn’t  play to my full potential. I felt bad and regretful post scrimmage. Today, I’m over the jitters and I’m going to play like I do at every practice!