Getting back on track!

Remember my awesome July? I was exercising regularly and staying in “keto” which resulted in a 12 lb total weight loss. Well, this month hasn’t been going so well! I have not kept calm and keto-ed on. In fact, I’ve done the exact opposite. Ever since the NASCAR race where I had beer and other carb filled goodness, I’ve been unable to get back on track(Har, har. pun intended)! I have been eating terribly-bread, pizza, cookies…if it’s full of carbs or sugar, I’ve been eating it! I’m over it. Eating like that is only going to put me in an unhappy place and I refuse to go there.

My goal for this week is to drink 8 glasses of water, get some sort of exercise in each day and stay under 30g of carbs. I’m not going to worry about meeting the protein and fat that my keto calculator recommends.
I see progress without worrying about them, so they will take a backseat for awhile. Because of my two week carb-cation, there is no way I’ll be meeting my goal of a total 20lb loss by Labor Day. But I’d like to lose 15lbs. Think I can do it? We shall see. The current total loss is 9 (gained 3lbs back!). *sigh*

Why yes, my Myfitnesspal ticker is Sailor Moon themed. :3

How do you stay motivated to stick to your “diet”? What fitness/weight loss goals do you have?


Race Day

Last weekend I went to NASCAR’s Brickyard 400.


NASCAR?! Yep. NASCAR. The bf bought tickets  a couple of months ago. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about going to a Nascar event. I had a few preconceptions about Nascar fans and honestly, watching cars race around a track doesn’t really excite me. However, I never turn down a new experience-so, off I went.  I actually enjoyed it! I really did! Watching the cars race around the track, vying to improve their position on the turns reminded me of skating laps in roller derby. I was fascinated…for the first 50 laps. Haha.  My favorite part of the race was the pit stops. I got so excited every time  a  car pulled into the pit for refueling, tire changes, repairs, etc. Those pit crews are super effective and fast. Can we just watch them compete? I’d totally watch that!

I don’t think I’ll ever go to a race again, but it was fun. If you ever get a chance to see a race at the Speedway, do it for the experience…and the pork tenderloin. Trust me. That pork tenderloin is delicious!

The Sophia quote of the day, around lap 100- “Ok. I’m getting bored. How in the hell am I going to get through 300 more laps?! I WANNA GO HOME! Oh?!  What’s that? You mean the ‘Brickyard 400’ is 400 miles not laps? Oh…ok” >.<

(I posted a couple of videos from the race on my Vine. Here’s one where you can see a pit crew in action and hear how loud the cars were as they zipped by.)


It’s hump day!

That commercial never gets old. NEVER! I die every single time it comes on!

Yep, it’s hump day AND it’s the day I remember I have a blog! Oh, hey there! it’s not that I’ve forgotten about you. I’ve just been busy. The bf’s brother came into town for a couple of days and we went to a NASCAR race. Yep. Forreal. I’ll tell you all about it. Spoiler alert-It was actually fun! I’ve also been working a lot and for the last couple of days, I’ve been braiding my hair. It usually doesn’t take me this long to braid. Maybe 12 hours split over two days. But this time I’ve made them pretty small and I’ve had activities that have forced me out of the house. I have about 3 sections left in the back. *sigh* I HOPE to be done today? Hope.



I just finished Neil Gaiman’s latest book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It’s a short read and filled with magic, fantasy, and a bit of horror. Enchanting! I couldn’t put it down! 4/5 stars to you Mr. Gaiman.  Currently reading Octavia Butler’s sci fi, “Wild Seed”. My first sci-fi novel. My online book club is reading it this month and discussing it in a couple of days. Which means I should probably finish it!

I gotta say…

Guys. I am having a good day and I just have to share what’s been going on.

I woke up grumpy this morning because I had a appointment with my therapist at 8 am! 8 AM!! Unemployed Sophia,who stayed awake until 4 am, was not happy about that. Nevertheless, I got up, got ready and drove to see my therapist. And I am so glad I did. We had some really great talks, revised my treatment plan, and I left feeling like I’m getting somewhere. I’m changing how I think of myself and how I think in general. It only took 5 months, but I’m seeing progress. I left feeling accomplished instead of my usual “this isn’t helping anything” feeling. And that, my friends,  is a great feeling.

On the way home I was beaming! Smile on my face, singing along to Nirvana, feeling great about life and then my phone rang. Who was it? A woman offering me a job. Ever since I moved to Indy in March, I’ve been looking for a job. I’ve sent out countless copies of my resume, filled out applications,  interviewed for a handful of jobs,  BUT no one wanted to hire me. What’s wrong with me!? :( I was getting down on myself and feeling pretty darn shitty. I, Sophia, have never interviewed for a job and not been offered the position, until now! Big blow to my self-esteem. But, I kept pressing on and searched even harder. Two weeks ago, I interviewed for 2 jobs. One as a 2 day a week nanny– Awesome pay, only 2 days a week, and 3 adorable kids.  It wouldn’t look that great on my resume, but pays well and allows me to have a lot of free time. Which I’ll need since I am taking 5 classes this semester. Second job is for a preschool teacher position-5 days a week guaranteed, lower pay, but it would look nice on my resume and I’d gain some experience.


Ahem. Yea. So, now I have to make a decision. It’s nice to have choices!  I’m leaning toward the nanny job. I need the extra time for school. Even though it’s only 2 days a week in pretty much ends up paying as much as the preschool position. Did I mention the free time?! Yea. Definitely going with the nanny job. I’ll have time to travel and study! I’m super excited, y’all!

Gonna have to agree with you there, Ice Cube.

**I know I’ve been yapping about my physical health and getting fit, but mental health is just as important or more important. Sometimes we neglect it. Take care of yourselves-mentally and physically!

New Girl

When I found out Netflix added  season one of New Girl to it’s instant queue, I was stoked.  I was super excited to curl up in my slanket and binge watch an entire season of a show I’ve never managed to catch. And that’s exactly what I did over the course of 3 days(What?! I’m unemployed, I don’t have anything else to do!).  I’ve always been a fan of Zooey Deschanel’s personal style so it was no surprise that I fell in love with her character, Jess’, similar style. Here are my 3 faaaaaavorite outfits from season 1!

These multi-colored circle print high-waisted shorts were love at first sight! Look at them! LOOK AT THEM!!!


This dress is so cute. I love the color and print. It’s absolutely adorable paired with that blue cardigan and matching heels.


Black/white striped sweater dress is my favorite of all. I’ve been really big into stripes lately and this dress did it perfectly.

Do you love Jess Day’s style as much as I do? There are a handful of blogs that find Jess-inspired outfits and tell you exactly where to get them from! Check out Dress Like New Girl and What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear.

Oh, and add New Girl to your Netflix queue already! It’s great!