“Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt”

I started playing Bioshock Infinite months ago, but only just finished it this week. I can’t say enough good things about this game. Really enjoyable. The Bioshock Infinite universe  is beautiful, the story is brilliant, and the characters-I fell in love with them.  I finished it a couple of days ago, but I can’t stop thinking about it. So much that I’ve read forums, fan’s personal theories on the game, and followed a bunch of Infinite themed Pinterest boards. Now I want my own personal piece of Bioshock Infinite’s world. Luckily, talented people create and sell just what I want on these here internets.

L to R-  1/ Elizabeth’s necklace from League of Shadows shop  2/ Bioshock Infinite minimalist poster by YamelmePrints 3/ Bioshock Infinite 4 pc coaster set from CoasteRawr 4/ Plush Songbird from LexisTricks


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Mayor Ayda of Arcadia!

I’m playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ve been excited about this game since they announced it 3 years ago! And was sad when they delayed it again and again. Well, no reason to be sad anymore. They finally released it to North America on June 11th. I downloaded it at midnight and when I woke up the next morning it was like Christmas! I jumped right into the game and spent an embarrassing amount of time playing. In this game you play as a Mayor of the town. Just like other Animal C rossing games, you explore the town, talk with other residents, fish, catch bugs, customize your town, and home. My friends have asked, “what’s the point”?  Well, there’s not one really. You just make your town an awesome place to live, improve it and try to keep citizens from moving elsewhere. It sounds completely  boring and pointless, but it’s a lot of fun and a real feel good game. Even my boyfriend spent a couple of hours playing it yesterday.

My favorite features of the new installment are the mini games! You go to a “resort” island and play games alone or with your friends via multiplayer. It’s great fun and you earn a lot of bells(currency in Animal Crossing). Another favorite of mine is the in game camera. I snap pictures ALL THE TIME. See?

Evening stroll

Eff yea, paid off my (first) home loan!

I play “sleep” to get the annoying neighbors to leave my house. I think she finally got the point.

What are you playing? Are you playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Something else? Do tell!

all night diner

I had the most relaxing weekend. usually I have some kind of errand to run, but this weekend-NOTHING! It was awesome. I made sure to relax and spend my time leisurely. I bought new acrylic paints this week, so I painted a couple of paintings. I read a bit of “Gil’s All Fright Diner” and I played tons of video games. I’m not over exaggerating when I say tons. Steam had a summer sale this week, so I picked up Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and a friend gifted me a copy of Magicka! I was engrossed in new games all weekend.

As you may remember, I attempted to play Mass Effect on Xbox. I say attempted, because I sucked. I wanted to play the game so badly, but I was terrible controlling my Shephard. So, I gave up. Not because of the story line or the game, but because I had trouble using firearms on consoles. I always do, which is why I prefer shooters on PC. Anywho, when I saw that each Mass Effect game was on sale for $6.80 via Steam, I bought them. I don’t even own a PC (I’m a mac), but I figure I can play on the bf’s computer when he isn’t using it. Luckily for me, he was away this weekend. ^_^ I got to play a lot of both Mass Effect and Magicka. But I played more Magicka than ME. I fell in love with this cute little indie game. Magicka is an action adventure game which can be played solo or co-op with up to 4 people. It also has challenge modes and PVP. Watch this trailer for a peek into what the game is like.

I wish the video included the witty banter. The banter is my favorite part! In other exciting news, 5 more days until Deathly Hallows Part 2! I will be seeing it at midnight, of course. Actually, i will be seeing a double feature at my local theatre. Part one at 8pm and Part 2 immediately after. And although I’m not completely dressing up, I will be repping Gryffindor. I won’t be wearing my Gryffindor scarf since it’s  the middle of July, but I will be wearing a Gryffindor headband. I’m working on knitting one. Who else is going at midnight?! Hard to believe it’s the last HP midnight showing *sniff sniff*

Hey guys! I totally haven’t been into blogging lately. Just posts of pics and music. Hope you don’t mind! Anyway, my bf and I spent the weekend in Memphis. We went to visit my mom and sister. I had a great time hanging out with them, eating tons of BBQ, and showing the bf around my hometown. Oh! And meeting my sister’s puppy, Sammie the pug. He has such a funny face. Don’t you agree?

In other news I beat Dragon Age 2.  I really enjoyed the game and I’m already planning my second play through. Gonna play a duel wielding rogue! After I play Mass Effect. Just started it up today. Here’s my Shepard!

dragon age 2

I finally have Dragon Age 2! I planned on getting it on launch day, but I was broke so I postponed the purchase. Aaaaaand I’ve been broke ever since. Luckily, my bf bought it for me last week. I’ve been playing it every second I have an ounce of free time. Which according to my xbox log is 19 hours! >.< I’m in Act 2 and loving the  game. It’s a bit different from the first in regards to romance, combat style, specializing in talents, but not so different that it’s an entirely different game. I have heard lots of mixed reviews on this game. A common complaint is that this game has no point. What is Hawke (lead protagonist) trying to accomplish? Answer-I don’t know! I’m not even sure if I’m trying to accomplish anything. In my understanding, at this point of the game (act 2), someone’s telling the story of my adventures and how I became “The Champion” and I’m just playing through said adventures. Maybe I’m wrong. All I know is I’m enjoying these adventures and all of my companions. I’ll let you know what I think of the entire game when I complete it.

Check out this hilarious review of Dragon Age 2 by the guys at Zero Punctuation. I don’t agree with EVERY point they’re making, but it’s worth watching.


While I’m on the topic of video games…

Games I’m looking forward to-

Portal 2 (comes out April 18th)


Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet-I played this at PaxEast and even talked to the game developers for awhile. I can’t wait to play it when it’s released this summer.


bppv and munchkin

My doc’s appointment Wednesday went a lot better than the previous one. For one, I had MY doctor and I actually left with a diagnosis. He performed a ton of weird physical maneuvers on me, including this-

while he watched the movement of my eyes. After seeing a nystagmus in my eye, he came to the conclusion that I have Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo also known as BPPV. A lot of words that mean something’s messed up in my inner ear that’s causing my dizziness. It comes and goes in phases and can be fixed by an audiologist, a physical therapist, or I can just deal with it until it goes away. I’m gonna have to deal with it because I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford any of the above. Luckily, there’s the internet and I’ve found forums and blogs about different home maneuvers people do to help their BPPV.

In other news, my roller derby team acquired a new practice space. It’s bigger and better than our current one and allows us to practice more days a week. I’ll be practicing 3 days a week instead of 2 now. Hurrah for more exercise and less free time. We were supposed to have practice tonight, but it was cancelled.  I used the free time to attend Munchkin Monday! A gaming event at the comic book store I’ve been meaning to attend.

I love the game Munchkin (a hilarious card game that sorta mocks rpgs) and even own it, but I’ve only played it with the bf. It was a  lot more fun playing with a big group of people. And it was a good way to meet some new people.  The comic book shop had some other card games going on too! Magic the Gathering, WoW card game, DND, and some people were just hanging out. It was fun. It reminded me of being at a con where you can just randomly join pickup games, but on a much smaller scale. Speaking of conventions-I can’t wait for Penny Arcade East! The gamer festival for the East Coast is going down in Boston in just a month! My bf and I will be attending as well as a friend from Memphis, and a friend from Azeroth. ^_^ Counting down the days.