It’s almost time for PAXPrime! Pax, Penny Arcade Expo is a 3-4 day gaming convention brought to the public by the guys of Penny Arcade. Currently, there are 3 Pax events that happen worldwide. Pax Prime-in Seattle, in  the Fall, PaxEast-In Boston which occurs right before Spring, and PaxAus-in Melbourne, Australia which happens in the summer. I usually attend Prime or East or both! And I’m so happy that Prime is just around the corner. I can’t wait to see all of my Pax friends that I’ve met over the years, hopefully get a chance to play on next-gen consoles, tabletop game, and of course enjoy Seattle. Oh! And the parties! Pax parties are pretty great, y’all. I don’t have any parties set in stone yet, but I will be attending the Triwizard Drinking Tournament (TWDT) again this year. A Harry Potter themed pub crawl that happens the night before Pax begins. I’m happy to say I’ll be returning to house Hufflepuff!

I had such a blast last year and I’ve already started preparing my outfit for this years crawl. Theme- Hufflepuff preppy realness-Yellow dress, black ballet flats, black cardigan with Hufflepuff badge on the chest. Hair in a top bun secured with a Hufflepuff bow! I’m going to look darling. Which doesn’t matter at all because I’ll be completely smashed by the second bar. -_- The pub crawl isn’t just about drinking and making new friends. It’s also a fundraiser for Child’s play. Child’s Play, founded by the Penny Arcade guys,  improves the lives of sick children by donating toys and games to hospitals worldwide. The TWDT raises money by selling items house members have donated and flat out donations. I am donating some Hufflepuff themed bows. They cost me little to nothing to make and aren’t anything special, so l put a price tag of “Donate whatever!” on each of them.  All proceeds will go straight to Child’s Play! Hoping my house can donate enough money to Child’s Play to be number 1! We were #3 last year. Lets go Huffles!



I believe in cosplaying whomever you want! Doesn’t matter if you’re a different race, size, species, whatever…but this video cracked me up.

I’m currently working on two cosplays for PaxPrime.

Daisy Fitzroy of Bioshock Infinite.

And The Walking Dead’s Michonne

Two kick ass women. Bonus-I don’t have to buy a wig. I’ll just install kinky twists in my hair.

roadtrip recap

Last weekend recap!

Me and the bf began our road trip last Thursday. Destination-Boston for PaxEast, with stops in Philadelphia, and New Haven, CT.

Thursday-Got off work, dropped Peanut off at the kennel, and hit the road to Philly! The drive to Philly was 6 hours, so by the time we got there it was already too late to really do anything. We checked in to our hotel, and decided to have Philly cheesesteaks at Tony Luke’s! It was recommended on some travel blogs I read and it was on Man vs Food! Last time I trust them.  The bread was SO hard and the meat was dry. Not good at all. I should’ve listened to the local who told us there were MUCH better places to have cheesesteaks. After the fail cheesesteak, we went to Eulogy, a Belgian beer bar, and had some drinks. I fell in love with this place because it reminded me of the little cafe’s I always went to in Amsterdam. The beer list was amaaaaazing and had over 400 beers. I had 2 beers, which was more than enough for me considering their 10.0 ABV. Went back to the hotel and proceeded to pass out.

Friday-Woke up really early because we wanted to see a few things around Philly before we started our next leg of the trip (Philly to Boston!). We walked along the waterfront at Penn’s Landing, and saw some cool ships including the HUGE and very old SS United States. After walking around and getting some breakfast there, we went to Philadelphia Art Museum, not to see art, but to run up the “Rocky steps”. Remember this scene from the movie Rocky? It was filmed here so…we had to!

bf at the top of the steps

my Rocky pose

After that, we hit the road to Boston. We should’ve made it there in 6 hours, BUT I saw an outlet mall and had to stop. I picked up a dress, a new top, and the bf got some shirts. Successful pit stop? yes!  We had another pitstop to make too, but it was planned. I wanted to stop by New Haven, CT to see my Great, Great, grandfather, Sengbe Pieh’s statue which stands in fron of their City Hall. My family has gone multiple times for dedications and memorials, and I’ve seen the statue in pictures, but I have never seen it in person.

We made it to Boston (finally) Friday evening and went straight to the Boston Convention Center where PaxEast was being held. Unfortunately, we were too late to see the show floor, but we did meet up with my friends from Memphis and hit up the table top gaming area! It was huge guys. Tables of Magic, Munchkin, DnD, Dominion, and a whole bunch of other table top games I’ve never heard of. The bf and I played a couple of games of Magic and hung out with my friends before heading to the hotel.

Saturday/Sunday-Woke up early and got our butts to PaxEast. You know to enjoy gaming and panels! We got there when the doors open and stayed until the doors closed. I played the new Magic game which will  be released summer 2012, 3DS (which is awwwweosme!), a whole bunch of games, went to some panels, wandered around, met some twitter friends, and just hung around at PaxEast. I didn’t want to leave on Sunday. I really had a good time just hanging  out and I can’t wait to go back next year!

Monday, MONDAY, MONDAY-Sunday night after Pax we drove straight to Boston and proceeded to pass out. On Monday we saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and hung out on the hip South Street. We had lunch at an awesome cheesesteak shop (Steaks on South! The sandwiches were so good. If you’re in Philly, go there!) and then we went to The Magic Gardens!Magic Gardens is an indoor/outdoor maze of mosaics inlaid with various pieces of poetry. After the gardens we headed back home to WV.

If you’d like to see more pics go here or here.


So excited about this week. Work has been so exhausting and this week I get to go to take 2 days off to head on my mini-vacay.

To Boston with the bf for Penny Arcade expo, also known as PaxEast. I’m so stoked guys. I’m going to play on the 3ds, hopefully get to play Guild Wars 2, Portal 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and other new games, enter some tournaments (Hello!? Munchkin!), go to some panels, and last but not least go to some gamer parties. You’ll hear all about it when I get back ^_^

Oh and there will be a pitstop (one night) in Philly. I can’t tell you how excited to get away from work and this state for a little while.

bppv and munchkin

My doc’s appointment Wednesday went a lot better than the previous one. For one, I had MY doctor and I actually left with a diagnosis. He performed a ton of weird physical maneuvers on me, including this-

while he watched the movement of my eyes. After seeing a nystagmus in my eye, he came to the conclusion that I have Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo also known as BPPV. A lot of words that mean something’s messed up in my inner ear that’s causing my dizziness. It comes and goes in phases and can be fixed by an audiologist, a physical therapist, or I can just deal with it until it goes away. I’m gonna have to deal with it because I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford any of the above. Luckily, there’s the internet and I’ve found forums and blogs about different home maneuvers people do to help their BPPV.

In other news, my roller derby team acquired a new practice space. It’s bigger and better than our current one and allows us to practice more days a week. I’ll be practicing 3 days a week instead of 2 now. Hurrah for more exercise and less free time. We were supposed to have practice tonight, but it was cancelled.  I used the free time to attend Munchkin Monday! A gaming event at the comic book store I’ve been meaning to attend.

I love the game Munchkin (a hilarious card game that sorta mocks rpgs) and even own it, but I’ve only played it with the bf. It was a  lot more fun playing with a big group of people. And it was a good way to meet some new people.  The comic book shop had some other card games going on too! Magic the Gathering, WoW card game, DND, and some people were just hanging out. It was fun. It reminded me of being at a con where you can just randomly join pickup games, but on a much smaller scale. Speaking of conventions-I can’t wait for Penny Arcade East! The gamer festival for the East Coast is going down in Boston in just a month! My bf and I will be attending as well as a friend from Memphis, and a friend from Azeroth. ^_^ Counting down the days.


I saw it at midnight (of course) with my bf and 4 other friends. I loved the movie. It stayed mostly true to the book. I’m not one to complain about little differences. I see the movie and book as two entirely different ways of telling the story of Harry Potter. We will be seeing it again next week in Memphis with a friend.

Memphis?! Yep, Memphis! I haven’t been home since January, so I’m coming to town for Thanksgiving. So excited to see my mom, friends, and eat some lovely southern food. I’m looking at you fried okra!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?