Music Monday

My MacBook is still dead so I won’t be able to post any music. I can’t figure out how to embed videos with my iPhone. Poo.

But that won’t stop me from posting about music! Especially today! Today Radiohead announced they are kicking off a US tour in February. *jumps up and down*


Tickets go on sale Saturday morning! I’m planning on buying a ticket to the Dallas show. Eek! So excited! Seeing Radiohead in ’08 was amazing and I know it will be nothing less this time! And I’ll get to cross #38 off on my 101 list. (# 38-See Radiohead again)

For this music Monday, go listen to your favorite Radiohead song. If you don’t have one, go listen to mine-knives out. ^_^


Music Monday

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks- No One is (As I are be)

This song comes from their brand new album, “Mirror Traffic”. I’ve listened to it a handful of times and I am digging it. But that’s to be expected. I love Stephen Malkmus. He’s a regular in my dreams (nothing sexual! Just cameos) and the title of my  blog, onepercentofone, is  inspired by the Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks song, “1% of one”. Like I said, I love him. Have a listen.