Getting back on track!

Remember my awesome July? I was exercising regularly and staying in “keto” which resulted in a 12 lb total weight loss. Well, this month hasn’t been going so well! I have not kept calm and keto-ed on. In fact, I’ve done the exact opposite. Ever since the NASCAR race where I had beer and other carb filled goodness, I’ve been unable to get back on track(Har, har. pun intended)! I have been eating terribly-bread, pizza, cookies…if it’s full of carbs or sugar, I’ve been eating it! I’m over it. Eating like that is only going to put me in an unhappy place and I refuse to go there.

My goal for this week is to drink 8 glasses of water, get some sort of exercise in each day and stay under 30g of carbs. I’m not going to worry about meeting the protein and fat that my keto calculator recommends.
I see progress without worrying about them, so they will take a backseat for awhile. Because of my two week carb-cation, there is no way I’ll be meeting my goal of a total 20lb loss by Labor Day. But I’d like to lose 15lbs. Think I can do it? We shall see. The current total loss is 9 (gained 3lbs back!). *sigh*

Why yes, my Myfitnesspal ticker is Sailor Moon themed. :3

How do you stay motivated to stick to your “diet”? What fitness/weight loss goals do you have?


1 month of keto down!

Today marks one month since I started following a keto diet. I’m happy to report that I have lost a total of 12 pounds!


I lost all 12 lbs during the first 3 weeks of the month. The 4th week was…a bit of a wreck for me. I was so confident in my weight loss that I was having little cheat-y snacks all over the place. Eating popcorn, a cookie or piece of candy…it got out of hand pretty quickly. Luckily, I didn’t do THAT much damage. I gained 2lbs. Womp, womp.

I’m not beating myself  up over the 2lbs. I still have 10lbs of weight gone. It’s not much, but it has made me feel more confident. I don’t  see a 10lbs weight loss when I look in the mirror, but my dresses feel a little less snug!

I learned something during my week of cheaties. I learned that I remain in ketosis up to 35g of carbs. With this knowledge I did a little editing of my macros. My macros are now



Protein-25% (88g)

I’ll be sticking to it like white on rice for the next month. I have a goal of losing 8lbs in the next month, Which will be a total of 20lbs by August 15th. If I stick to my macros and add in some exercise, I’m sure I’ll hit it.

Anyone have any suggestions for foods to help me reach my 88g of protein each day? No matter how hard I try, I can never meet my protein goals! Should I get some protein powder? What brands are tasty and what brands should I avoid?

12 lbs down!

I’m still going strong on my Keto diet. Yesterday I had my first craving for something sweet. My usual keto “sweet” is a cup of sugar free jello, topped with a tablespoon of whipped cream. But yesterday, I wanted something a bit sweeter. I did a little researching and found this recipe  for keto-friendly peanut butter cookies. It’s completely the same recipe as the other peanut butter cookies I made on the blog, but with Splenda instead of sugar.


I was so looking forward to these cookies, but in the end I was disappointed with them. I definitely won’t make these again.They actually tasted alright, but the after taste was just gross. It alone makes me never want to make these again. I had to “chase” the cookie with coffee to get the taste out of my mouth. I think I’ll just stick with my jello until I find another keto-friendly “sweet” recipe. :)


I didn’t take any pictures of the keto-friendly cookies. But, here’s a picture from the last flourless peanut butter cookies I made. They looked exactly the same as these. Only difference was the taste! *blech*


I started a new diet. The only diets I’ve ever followed were eating less and counting calories. They worked, but due to my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), I’ve never been able to sustain the weight loss. Thus, my new diet is actually a life-style change. I’m trying a low-carb ketogenic diet. Eating a lower carb or keto diet will reverse some of the PCOS symptoms.

Women with PCOS are at risk for endometrial cancers, diabetes, weight gain,hair loss, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, depression…you get the gist. BAD THINGS! Besides the weight gain and difficulty to lose it, PCOS has already given me a WHOLE lot of other problems including changes to my skin and hair, insulin resistance, and some menstruation issues. There’s medication for some of these issues. Unfortunately, I’m unable to take any of them due to the terrible side effects they have on me.  So, I’m taking a more natural approach. Last summer my OBGYN suggested a low carb diet to curb the symptoms of PCOS. But of course I ignored him. It wasn’t until I took a break from roller derby (broke my coccyx in August 2012 and haven’t recovered since!) and put on more weight that I decided to take controlling my syndrome seriously.

After failing to lose weight counting calories, I researched diets and joined forums for PCOS support. A lot of women with PCOS found success controlling the disorder by lowering their carb intake. Eating a diet low in carbs lowers your insulin levels and improves many symptoms of PCOS. I read a study that showed women who ate a low carb diet reduced their triglycerides and testosterone levels, which are commonly elevated in women with PCOS. Low carb diets help to lower  insulin secretion, which improves insulin resistance.

The low carb diet that I’m following is Keto. I found all the information about this diet from forums, websites, and the all knowing Reddit communities r/keto and the female focused one, r/xxketo. I can’t believe it, but I’ve successfully completed one week on keto. Why am I so surprised? Because for the past, umpteenth years I’ve eaten close to 250+ carbs a day. I’m a candyholic guys. Even when I was counting calories I would just eat my allotted calories in candy! To find out how to eat on the ketogenic diet, I used the Keto Calculator. My recommended diet is

1590 Daily Calorie Intake
25 g Carbohydrates (6%)
122 g Protein (31%)
111 g Fat (63%)

I tweaked it around a bit and it’s more like 20g carbs(5%), Protein 139g (35%), Fat 106g(60%). I keep up with my daily intake on myfitnesspal.

So far, I’ve been successful on Keto. The first couple of days were super hard because I craved carbs and sugar. Surprisingly, I didn’t cave. I just found keto-friendly substitutes for my favorite snacks. And even though it’s only been a week, I already see my cravings toward high-carb foods disappearing. I even trust myself so much, that I allowed  my bf to bring chips back in the house. I’ll update the blog periodically with progress pics and new recipes I’m trying. In August I see my OBGYN for blood tests. Hopefully this diet not only has an effect on my waist line, but my hormone levels as well. Even though I can’t get rid of PCOS, I want need to reverse and lower as many symptoms as I can.


I’ve had a very dramatic week. Seriously. Ups and downs all over the place. If you follow my twitter, you know what’s been going on. If you don’t, don’t worry. I’ll tell you all about it.

* First of all, this was my first week at my new job! I started teaching my pre-k class on Monday. There are 18 four and almost four year olds in the class. So far, so good! I’ve enjoyed getting know the kids and their families this week. I’m excited about the school year! The week went smoothly. I even managed to stay on my diet despite the awesome food that was cooked in the kitchen!

* I lost 3 lbs!!

* I started and finished New Super Mario Bros on my DS ( I get to cross off 1/3 video games for number 67 on my list! “67. Complete 3 video games”)

*I can skate again!!! I saw the orthopedist Wednesday. He agreed with the podiatrist that my ankle is screwed up, but says I don’t need surgery any time soon. Woohoo! I was given the okay to skate , a temporary brace, and an extremely painful steroid shot! I see the doc again Wednesday to test out braces and learn to wrap my ankle. I’ll have to do some physical therapy and wear a brace ALL the time to prevent further injury. I’m ok with that! Since the day I received that wonderful news, I’ve been skating every day. I skated with the team on Thursday, with a friend at the rink on Friday, 6 miles outdoors with the boyfriend today, and we’re going skating again tomorrow afternoon. I missed skating…if you couldn’t tell. :)

*also, this!

Yup. broke my iPhone. I’m not too bummed about it. I’ve been wanting an iPhone 4 since they were released. I will have to wait a couple of weeks before I can get one, but I think that’s what I’ll do. :)


What I’ve been up to

Work-Sucks, but “you gotta do what you gotta do”
GYT-Writing letters to the editors of various newspapers/magazines for awareness of MTV/Planned Parenthood’s Get Yourself Tested (GYT) campaign
Not working out– :P
Cupcakes-I devoured 2 cupcakes this weekend from Coco’s Cupcakes in Pittsburgh and they were DELICIOUS!

Things I’m excited about

I’ve got my skates and all of my protective gear including a bright blue helmet! I’ve been researching everything derby, reading derby blogs, watching videos. I’m so excited about practicing, getting to know my teammates, learning more about the game, and eventuaIly playing! I went to a bout in Pittsburgh this weekend and it was…inspiring. As soon as I got home, I slept (what!? it was late…), but the next day I woke up bright and early to practice on my crossovers! Definitely improving, but still not where I want to be. Derby girls have pretty creative names. A few of my favorite from the bout this weekend were Rachel Slur, Skid Ho, Blue Scream of Death, Ally Mc Kill, and Mission Impassable. I have a few names I’m deciding between on a list, but I’m not going to mention them until it’s official. My top choice, Princess Slaya, had to be removed from the list because someone skates under that name in Kansas or something. Booo! Not to worry, I have something else up my sleeve. Just have to confer with the bffs and get their approvals.

Guest Post by Amber of Two Nuts in a Shell
I’m in a community for 20something year old bloggers called 20sb (if you’re a 20 something blogger and not a member, oin!). I love the community and without it I wouldn’t have half of the readers and awesome blogs to read, that I do now. We have special events within the community and this past week was the 7th blog swap. It’s an event where you’re matched at random with another blogger and they do a guest post on your blog and vice versa. It’s a nice way to meet anew blogger, get new readers, and have a different voice on your blog. I’m excited about the post Amber’s bringing to I know you guys will love it.

Weight Loss
The number is still dropping y’all! I can only fit into one pair of my jeans now and those are m “skinny” jeans. *dances* I’m still amazed at how much I’m losing JUST by counting calories

Oh and I entered a contest at The Nerdy Bird to win tickets to comic con in San Diego this summer. I am looking forward to winning that contest (I hope!). Tickets sold out months ago :/

updating my list!

I have a couple of things to knock off of my 101 list!

I crossed off the following!
#3 take a road trip
#4 see Niagara Falls
#69 see a film in Imax (alice in wonderland)
#79-start a weekly series on my blog (music monday)

and I got to start working on crossing off a few others
I got to add a state to #1 (travel to 10 states- 2/10)
#48 is to lose 25 lbs. I’ve lost 8 so far!
#41 is to draw a heart in 50 random places-I’ve drawn 3 so far

on the side of a lighthouse on Lake Eerie

in the skypod of the CN tower, 1465ft above Toronto
(don’t worry, it was with eyeliner-not permanent!)

on top of graffiti on a wall in Toronto, Canada

I made a tumblr for my hearts. If you have one, follow it!