It’s almost time for PAXPrime! Pax, Penny Arcade Expo is a 3-4 day gaming convention brought to the public by the guys of Penny Arcade. Currently, there are 3 Pax events that happen worldwide. Pax Prime-in Seattle, in  the Fall, PaxEast-In Boston which occurs right before Spring, and PaxAus-in Melbourne, Australia which happens in the summer. I usually attend Prime or East or both! And I’m so happy that Prime is just around the corner. I can’t wait to see all of my Pax friends that I’ve met over the years, hopefully get a chance to play on next-gen consoles, tabletop game, and of course enjoy Seattle. Oh! And the parties! Pax parties are pretty great, y’all. I don’t have any parties set in stone yet, but I will be attending the Triwizard Drinking Tournament (TWDT) again this year. A Harry Potter themed pub crawl that happens the night before Pax begins. I’m happy to say I’ll be returning to house Hufflepuff!

I had such a blast last year and I’ve already started preparing my outfit for this years crawl. Theme- Hufflepuff preppy realness-Yellow dress, black ballet flats, black cardigan with Hufflepuff badge on the chest. Hair in a top bun secured with a Hufflepuff bow! I’m going to look darling. Which doesn’t matter at all because I’ll be completely smashed by the second bar. -_- The pub crawl isn’t just about drinking and making new friends. It’s also a fundraiser for Child’s play. Child’s Play, founded by the Penny Arcade guys,  improves the lives of sick children by donating toys and games to hospitals worldwide. The TWDT raises money by selling items house members have donated and flat out donations. I am donating some Hufflepuff themed bows. They cost me little to nothing to make and aren’t anything special, so l put a price tag of “Donate whatever!” on each of them.  All proceeds will go straight to Child’s Play! Hoping my house can donate enough money to Child’s Play to be number 1! We were #3 last year. Lets go Huffles!




I found an awful/amazing purikura app!

Vertigo comics has announced 6 new titles for the fall. And Sandman Overture! I’m most excited about Neil Gaiman bringing us more Sandman.

My Kumacrafts Sailor Moon Crescent Wand necklace arrived and it is perfect, perfect, perfect! A childhood dream come true. (I’ll post a pic when I wear it)

-Officially down 3 more pounds. Total weight loss after 3 weeks of keto-11lbs! I dig it!

“New Girl” has been added to Netflix.

Fables the game is coming. Best part-Telltale games is producing it.

-I’ll be in Seattle TWICE this fall and I can’t wait! I fell in love with Seattle last summer and I’m stoked to be getting back. I’ll be there for an extended Labor Day weekend and a weekend in October. Why?! Well, that deserves it’s own bullet

I’M GOING TO PAX PRIME! *takes a deep breath* Tickets sold out in 4 hours back in April and I wasn’t able to get any. BUT thanks to the power of social media, I was connected with a lovely young lady who will be selling me her extra set of tickets– for what she paid for them! I’m so thankful to her because scalpers have been selling them for $400+! The tickets are also a birthday surprise for my bf. He was so heartbroken when we had to sell our PaxEast tickets this year. I know he’ll be over the moon when he gets these PaxPrime tickets. We’ll be at Prime for 2 days and the rest of the time we get to enjoy Seattle.

-I’ll be back in Seattle in October for…you guessed it! More nerd-tivities. I am a GeekGirlCon agent(volunteer) for GeekGirlCon. Yay for more time time to spend in Seattle :)