I believe in cosplaying whomever you want! Doesn’t matter if you’re a different race, size, species, whatever…but this video cracked me up.

I’m currently working on two cosplays for PaxPrime.

Daisy Fitzroy of Bioshock Infinite.

And The Walking Dead’s Michonne

Two kick ass women. Bonus-I don’t have to buy a wig. I’ll just install kinky twists in my hair.




I found an awful/amazing purikura app!

Vertigo comics has announced 6 new titles for the fall. And Sandman Overture! I’m most excited about Neil Gaiman bringing us more Sandman.

My Kumacrafts Sailor Moon Crescent Wand necklace arrived and it is perfect, perfect, perfect! A childhood dream come true. (I’ll post a pic when I wear it)

-Officially down 3 more pounds. Total weight loss after 3 weeks of keto-11lbs! I dig it!

“New Girl” has been added to Netflix.

Fables the game is coming. Best part-Telltale games is producing it.

-I’ll be in Seattle TWICE this fall and I can’t wait! I fell in love with Seattle last summer and I’m stoked to be getting back. I’ll be there for an extended Labor Day weekend and a weekend in October. Why?! Well, that deserves it’s own bullet

I’M GOING TO PAX PRIME! *takes a deep breath* Tickets sold out in 4 hours back in April and I wasn’t able to get any. BUT thanks to the power of social media, I was connected with a lovely young lady who will be selling me her extra set of tickets– for what she paid for them! I’m so thankful to her because scalpers have been selling them for $400+! The tickets are also a birthday surprise for my bf. He was so heartbroken when we had to sell our PaxEast tickets this year. I know he’ll be over the moon when he gets these PaxPrime tickets. We’ll be at Prime for 2 days and the rest of the time we get to enjoy Seattle.

-I’ll be back in Seattle in October for…you guessed it! More nerd-tivities. I am a GeekGirlCon agent(volunteer) for GeekGirlCon. Yay for more time time to spend in Seattle :)


woot woot

I got a blog award. A really cool one awarding my geekiness! TADA!

The Geek Girls Unite Award

Thanks, Rachel of Point Me to the Sky Above! ^_^

Here are the rules:
List ten geeky facts about yourself and Pass this award onto your favorite female geeks!

1. I used to role play. Not the hot and sexy I’m a nurse and you’re my patient role play. The I’m an elf and you’re a knight role play. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone in real life that would want to participate so I did it online. I roleplayed in an anime chat room as a cat/human hybrid girl for a couple of years. Haha! And this year I’m going to cosplay (costume play) at NYC comic con! I’ll tell you who I’m going as when it gets closer!

2. I looooove comic books and graphic novels. I usually stop by my local comic book store every Wednesday (new comic book day!) to pick up new releases and say hi to the old guy that works there.

3. I’m a complete World of Warcraft nerd. I have phases when I don’t play at all, but I also have phases when all I do is play :P I’ve been playing on and off since 2005. I have 3 “main” characters. A 80 holy/disc and sometimes shadow night elf priest, a 74 draenei fire mage, a 73 human warlock with an ever changing spec. During vanilla WoW (wow before any expansion) I raided as a mage, in BC as a warlock, and in wrath as a priest. The new expansion comes out this year and I think I’m going to stick with my priest!

4. I’ve written fan-fic. >.< “Fan Fiction” is fiction based on a television series, book, or video game written by fans. I wrote tons of fan fiction about my favorite characters in Sailor Moon and from a book series by L.J. Smith called Night World. I still have them at my mom’s house.

5. My favorite board games are Scrabble and Munchkin-a Dungeon adventure, role playing card game. I can’t get enough of it!

6. I can read 1337! :P Can’t write it, but I can read it.

7.In the series Firefly (R.I.P.) the characters curse in Mandarin Chinese. They speak English the entire episode and when they get angry or upset, out pops a Mandarin Chinese curse word! I thought it was cool and researched some of the things they said and use it when I get upset.
Chur ni-duh means screw you! one of my faves

8.I get super excited when a new operating system comes out. When Snow Leopard came out for Mac, I was excited and bought it the same day!


I had a geocities page back in the day. It doesn’t exist anymore, but it was and it was lame. Ever since then I’ve been blogging. At Star320 from ages 18-20, Simply Sophia from 20-23, Lophy from 23-25, and I’ve been here at PinkieLarue since then!

10. Helllooo?! I got an award!

I pass this award to the geeky Magda at Fabgeekling!, Amy at Geek With Curves, and Michelle at Desultory Diversions