Getting back on track!

Remember my awesome July? I was exercising regularly and staying in “keto” which resulted in a 12 lb total weight loss. Well, this month hasn’t been going so well! I have not kept calm and keto-ed on. In fact, I’ve done the exact opposite. Ever since the NASCAR race where I had beer and other carb filled goodness, I’ve been unable to get back on track(Har, har. pun intended)! I have been eating terribly-bread, pizza, cookies…if it’s full of carbs or sugar, I’ve been eating it! I’m over it. Eating like that is only going to put me in an unhappy place and I refuse to go there.

My goal for this week is to drink 8 glasses of water, get some sort of exercise in each day and stay under 30g of carbs. I’m not going to worry about meeting the protein and fat that my keto calculator recommends.
I see progress without worrying about them, so they will take a backseat for awhile. Because of my two week carb-cation, there is no way I’ll be meeting my goal of a total 20lb loss by Labor Day. But I’d like to lose 15lbs. Think I can do it? We shall see. The current total loss is 9 (gained 3lbs back!). *sigh*

Why yes, my Myfitnesspal ticker is Sailor Moon themed. :3

How do you stay motivated to stick to your “diet”? What fitness/weight loss goals do you have?


2 thoughts on “Getting back on track!

  1. my current fitness goal is to finish saturday’s 12 hour adventure race. of course i have been burning up carbs like a furnace and have dropped all kinds of weight through training.

    homemade toast and homemade jam! cracked pepper parmesan rosemary oatmeal cookies!! fresh maple wheat bread!

    i swear, i cannot EAT enough to keep me going. you know, because if you haven’t the energy to carry around that 28 pound pack, you may as well forget it.

    i have to go bake some muffins now. and bedtime is 5 pm because i have to be ready to go having eaten breakfast saturday morning at 0400.

    mmm, blueberries.

  2. those carbs will be the death of me I swear! LOL Hope you get back on track…my name on myfitnesspal is mcoutrier…friend me if you like…I often get tips and ideas on what other are eating.

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