1 month of keto down!

Today marks one month since I started following a keto diet. I’m happy to report that I have lost a total of 12 pounds!


I lost all 12 lbs during the first 3 weeks of the month. The 4th week was…a bit of a wreck for me. I was so confident in my weight loss that I was having little cheat-y snacks all over the place. Eating popcorn, a cookie or piece of candy…it got out of hand pretty quickly. Luckily, I didn’t do THAT much damage. I gained 2lbs. Womp, womp.

I’m not beating myself  up over the 2lbs. I still have 10lbs of weight gone. It’s not much, but it has made me feel more confident. I don’t  see a 10lbs weight loss when I look in the mirror, but my dresses feel a little less snug!

I learned something during my week of cheaties. I learned that I remain in ketosis up to 35g of carbs. With this knowledge I did a little editing of my macros. My macros are now



Protein-25% (88g)

I’ll be sticking to it like white on rice for the next month. I have a goal of losing 8lbs in the next month, Which will be a total of 20lbs by August 15th. If I stick to my macros and add in some exercise, I’m sure I’ll hit it.

Anyone have any suggestions for foods to help me reach my 88g of protein each day? No matter how hard I try, I can never meet my protein goals! Should I get some protein powder? What brands are tasty and what brands should I avoid?


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