12 lbs down!

I’m still going strong on my Keto diet. Yesterday I had my first craving for something sweet. My usual keto “sweet” is a cup of sugar free jello, topped with a tablespoon of whipped cream. But yesterday, I wanted something a bit sweeter. I did a little researching and found this recipe  for keto-friendly peanut butter cookies. It’s completely the same recipe as the other peanut butter cookies I made on the blog, but with Splenda instead of sugar.


I was so looking forward to these cookies, but in the end I was disappointed with them. I definitely won’t make these again.They actually tasted alright, but the after taste was just gross. It alone makes me never want to make these again. I had to “chase” the cookie with coffee to get the taste out of my mouth. I think I’ll just stick with my jello until I find another keto-friendly “sweet” recipe. :)


I didn’t take any pictures of the keto-friendly cookies. But, here’s a picture from the last flourless peanut butter cookies I made. They looked exactly the same as these. Only difference was the taste! *blech*


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