I started a new diet. The only diets I’ve ever followed were eating less and counting calories. They worked, but due to my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), I’ve never been able to sustain the weight loss. Thus, my new diet is actually a life-style change. I’m trying a low-carb ketogenic diet. Eating a lower carb or keto diet will reverse some of the PCOS symptoms.

Women with PCOS are at risk for endometrial cancers, diabetes, weight gain,hair loss, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, depression…you get the gist. BAD THINGS! Besides the weight gain and difficulty to lose it, PCOS has already given me a WHOLE lot of other problems including changes to my skin and hair, insulin resistance, and some menstruation issues. There’s medication for some of these issues. Unfortunately, I’m unable to take any of them due to the terrible side effects they have on me.  So, I’m taking a more natural approach. Last summer my OBGYN suggested a low carb diet to curb the symptoms of PCOS. But of course I ignored him. It wasn’t until I took a break from roller derby (broke my coccyx in August 2012 and haven’t recovered since!) and put on more weight that I decided to take controlling my syndrome seriously.

After failing to lose weight counting calories, I researched diets and joined forums for PCOS support. A lot of women with PCOS found success controlling the disorder by lowering their carb intake. Eating a diet low in carbs lowers your insulin levels and improves many symptoms of PCOS. I read a study that showed women who ate a low carb diet reduced their triglycerides and testosterone levels, which are commonly elevated in women with PCOS. Low carb diets help to lower  insulin secretion, which improves insulin resistance.

The low carb diet that I’m following is Keto. I found all the information about this diet from forums, websites, and the all knowing Reddit communities r/keto and the female focused one, r/xxketo. I can’t believe it, but I’ve successfully completed one week on keto. Why am I so surprised? Because for the past, umpteenth years I’ve eaten close to 250+ carbs a day. I’m a candyholic guys. Even when I was counting calories I would just eat my allotted calories in candy! To find out how to eat on the ketogenic diet, I used the Keto Calculator. My recommended diet is

1590 Daily Calorie Intake
25 g Carbohydrates (6%)
122 g Protein (31%)
111 g Fat (63%)

I tweaked it around a bit and it’s more like 20g carbs(5%), Protein 139g (35%), Fat 106g(60%). I keep up with my daily intake on myfitnesspal.

So far, I’ve been successful on Keto. The first couple of days were super hard because I craved carbs and sugar. Surprisingly, I didn’t cave. I just found keto-friendly substitutes for my favorite snacks. And even though it’s only been a week, I already see my cravings toward high-carb foods disappearing. I even trust myself so much, that I allowed  my bf to bring chips back in the house. I’ll update the blog periodically with progress pics and new recipes I’m trying. In August I see my OBGYN for blood tests. Hopefully this diet not only has an effect on my waist line, but my hormone levels as well. Even though I can’t get rid of PCOS, I want need to reverse and lower as many symptoms as I can.


5 thoughts on “Keto

  1. I finally got my new waffle iron and LOVE it!!! I’ve only used it once this morning but it made THE best Belgian waffles ever!! But I doubt after reading this post that you’re still in the market for a good waffle iron! Lol good luck with this dieg I truly hope it helps with your PCOS and that you see the results that you want.

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