For the last couple of years, I’ve had one destination in mind for my education/career–Radiation Therapy. I’ve talked about it here a couple of times(you may remember). And since then I’ve been retaking classes that I have a C  or below in  to improve my GPA  and better my chances of getting  into the highly competitive Radiation Therapy program at my school. After applying twice and failing to get into the clinical portion of a program, I am not ready to give up, but I am starting to look at other options. The main one being teaching. I’ve always had a gift and a knack for teaching and most importantly I’ve always enjoyed it. I’ve always thought of it as an option, but after one more rejection from the Radiation program, it may get bumped to #1 priority. Getting certifications and the minimum requirements for teaching elementary education will cost me 2 more years of school, but that is nothing! I could’ve done that in the time  I’ve wasted I may have wasted re-taking classes for the Radiation program.

I will know if I get into this year’s radiation program in August. In just a couple of months, I may finally be on the right track for my education/career. Sheesh. Took me long enough, right?!


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