I wrote a long post and it got deleted. Not going to try to re-post it. Here’s the gist of everything

*Macbok is still out of commission. I only need a battery for it to work again, but can’t afford it at the moment. all of my income goes to bills, derby, and gas!

*Got hired at Gamestop as an assistant manager. I start sometime in the next week. Yay, income and yay, discount on games.

*I got Radiohead tickets for the Dallas show in March

*bf bought our PAXEast2012 tickets (Penny Arcade Expogaming convention

*inspired by last year’s con, I am going to be a big nerd and cosplay or dress up, as some of my favorite characters from video games. Isabela from Dragon Age and Rochelle from Left for Dead 2.

*finals are this week

*WHAT UP?!! Whats on your xmas wish list this year? Mine is filled with the ingredients to make a new skate. I want these boots, these plates, these wheels and a new mouthguard. Oh and I want the hardcover collection of The Walking Dead. That’s all :) I am not planning on getting half of that stuff for Xmas, but my skates are on the fritz so I will be purchasing it for myself as soon as I can.

*Participating in my first Reddit Secret Santa and my second Reddit gift exchange. My secret santa lists midgets, photography, and fun as his interests. What the hell should I get him? Any ideas?


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