Shushu bat

Bah! I miss having a job! I miss the money and being busy. But it’s kind of impossible between school and derby. My schedule is crazy! Hopefully I can consolidate my spring schedule to only a couple of days so I can get a part time job somewhere. I have been doing a little babysitting and that’s been enough for things I need. But with Christmas coming up…I dunno!

I skated in a 5k on Saturday. My time was 22:30 or something around there. It was tough! I’m used to skating more miles than that (10miles), but this one had tons of hills to climb. My leg muscles definitely got a workout. Speaking of 5k’s, today I start week 4 of couch to 5k. I’m halfway there!

Even though I’ve been busy with school, I’ve found time to read for pleasure. I’ve read

Tina Fey’s, Bossypants. 5/5 stars! A must read for anyone who is a fan of Tina and her humor. I found myself laughing out loud a dozen of times.

The Hunger Games
I read this book over the weekend. It captivated me during the first chapter and had me in that position until I finished the book. Full of action and love(not a major part, but I’m sure it will take a bigger role in the other books), I recommend this book to anyone! I started reading the second book in the series yesterday.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


One thought on “Shushu bat

  1. Wow, congrats. You must be in prime shape. I’m thought about doing a couch to 5k before…but for right now I like the couch more. I have Tina Fey’s book on my Amazon wish list, I have a whole lot of great books on there. I ought to get back to reading more. I guess I just haven’t settled down into TN living yet xx

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