Couch to 5k

My 101 list is getting a little sad. I haven’t scratched anything off in months. Time to change that!

I’m working on #50. Start and finish the couch to 5k program. It’s a program that takes a couch potato and transforms them into a runner in 9 weeks. It eases you into a running program and every week it gradually gets a bit harder. Many, many, moons ago I loved running. I ran 4 miles a day. After 2 ankle breaks and just pure laziness. I hated it. I was convinced my previous injuries wouldn’t allow me to run without pain. For awhile, I couldn’t. But it’s been a couple of years since the my last break. I’ve strengthened my legs and angles from skating. So, I had no more excuses. I started running again.

I’m currently on week 3 of the program. I bought one of the many couch to 5k apps

in the App Store. It was the cheapest with the most reviews. It gives me cues in the form of a man with a Russian accent. He interrupts my playlists ever so often to tell me to “run”, “walk”, and “good job, see ya later”. The first two weeks were easy peasy for me. I skate and run at practice, so I’m not a complete couch potato. Week 3 is a bit more challenging and I find myself very winded after each run. Can’t wait to finish the program. I’m looking forward to having more endurance, being more in shape, losing some lbs, and just being able to run an entire 5k! #51 on my list to running a 5k. What great practice! My ultimate goal is to love running again and make it a part of my lifestyle.

90 days no soda/coke/pop is still going strong. It’s day 35. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t want a nice cold vanilla coke. Someone told me the cravings would go away and I wouldn’t even think about soda after the first few weeks. WRONG!


One thought on “Couch to 5k

  1. Since I’ve arrived in the US I’ve been drinking so much soda. It’s bad. I need to get out of the habit. I’m so excited for you that you’re making such positive changes in your life, I sure need to get active. I just haven’t lit the fire under my butt yet! xx

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