Really, October?

Maybe I spoke too soon…

Remember how I was like, “I’m having the best week ever!”? Well, I did. In fact, all of September was really rad. Then October happened. Oh, October. You are not off to a good start. Stop that! There have only been 9 days in the month, but let me just tell you what’s been going on.

**Last weekend, I missed a friend’s birthday party because of car problems. *sigh* I was on the way to her party when my car started screeching at me and the steering wheel became way too hard to turn. Thankfully, I was just down the street from the house and not on the highway.Turned around, drove home and pouted. Womp, womp! Through the power of the internet and with some help from my boyfriend via FaceTime, I troubleshot it and figured out I had a leak in my high pressure line. Bought a new line and took it to the shop and yea…I’m kind of broke now.

**My macbook’s adapter decided to crap out on me! It’s not frayed and shows no sign of wear. It just decided to break, because, “Hey, Sophia’s already dealing with her broken car. Sure she won’t mind paying for an $80 replacement adapter!” Wrong, macbook. I do mind. I’m too broke to afford an $80 replacement so I’ve been without my Macbook, which is my favorite gadget, for a week. But I have a lovely, awesome, bf, who bought one for me via Amazon. Thanks, boo!

**The morning after my adapter crapped out, something else happened! I woke up, got out of bed, and *crunch* What was that?! My kindle beneath my feet. No big deal. NO BIG DEAL?! It’s my second favorite gadget! Frustrated and crying, I called Amazon and they immediately mailed out a replacement in the mail. Thanks, Amazon!

**This weekend a friend of mine had a going away party. And just like the week before, my car decided to be a jerk. Yup…AGAIN! This time more serious. I can’t even begin to deal with it, let alone afford it, so I parked it and haven’t touched it. My bf will be here this week and hopefully we’ll figure it out together. I just can’t right now, you know?!

Ok, enough about bad stuff. Let’s talk about some good stuff!

**My boyfriend will be in town this week! Can’t wait to spend a few days with the love. He’ll also be here for my derby ball. Hurrah

**Not only did I pass my derby test, but I also got drafted on to a team! Go, me!

**I’ve been doing well in my classes. A’s all over the place.

In the end, I shouldn’t be that upset. Most of the terrible things that have happened, have been solved. And hopefully the latest car problem will be solved as well. I’m hopeful!

(11 days without coke/soda/pop and still going strong!)


One thought on “Really, October?

  1. Congrats on your soda free days.
    It sounds like you’ve been having a tough time…you know what they say, when it rains it pours! Thank goodness you have such a sweet love to get you a new adapter and help you sort out the car. You come across as such a positive person so I’m sure you’ll always try and see the silver lining. But I know sometimes its difficult when everything goes wrong at the same time xx

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