you make me hahahahhahahahappy

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Life is good. A little busy, but good. My bf was here for a couple of days! He drove the 12 hours to spend 4 days with  me. It was a good visit. Short, but I’ll take what I can get. After living together for 2 years, long distance is especially hard. But, as I have to remind myself daily, temporary.  Can’t wait until our next visit which is in 3 and a half weeks and coincides with my derby ball!

Roller derby  is great. I test for a spot on a team next week. Nervous and excited about it all. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been alternating between each teams practices. I have enjoyed practicing with all the teams and they’ve all been more than helpful and welcoming to me. Next week after I pass my test, I will choose which team I want to be a part of (they have to want me too!). I have no idea which one I’ll pick. In a couple of weeks, I have a derby ball! As a new girl, I’ll wear white and get paddled. Sort of an initiation of sorts. I’m excited and on the hunt for a new white dress.

School is alright as well. I had my first tests this week.For once in my life I haven’t been procrastinating so no stress from school…yet!

Also, I want to learn to longboard. Mostly because of this video

Freaking awesome, right?! Someone teach me!


4 thoughts on “you make me hahahahhahahahappy

  1. I’m glad that you got to see him. I remember how difficult it was to go from being with Adam, living together for two years, back to living apart. But like you said, its not forever. I’m glad school is going well xx

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