p is for procrastination

Guys! I move in 2 days and I have barely packed anything. I did start packing yesterday, but I don’t have much done. My emotions are all over the place with this move. I’m happy and excited to be starting a new adventure in my life. One that will help me start my career, but I’m also going to miss the friends I’ve made here and my bf. I know we will only be living apart for a few months, but it’s going to suck! Luckily, I’ll be a busy bee as soon as I arrive.  I’m throwing myself right into roller derby. I’ve contacted the Memphis league and will be taking my skills test to join their team within a week of my being there. I hope I pass it! If I don’t, no worries. I’ll take it again in September and pass, but I really want to pass it the first time.

This weekend I planned to do all the West  Virginia-y things I’ve always wanted to do, but never did. Like go to Yann’s hot dog stand, (I tried to go this weekend, but it was closed! He opens when he wants to and you never know what that will be), hike Dolly Sods,  and see the New River Gorge Bridge. I won’t have time to hike Dolly Sods, but I’m going to try to go to Yann’s tomorrow morning. And I’ll get to see the bridge. The bf and I are taking a different route to Memphis-one that allows me to see the New River Gorge Bridge. 2/3 ain’t bad!

So, what did I do this weekend since I didn’t pack or do any West Virginia-y things? I saw the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” with some friends, went shopping and spent  a lot of time just hanging with the bf, laundry, read, and watched a shit ton of Star Trek: TNG. Ever since Netflix put every single episode of Star Trek on Netflix, I’ve been obsessed. A lot of my friends have also been watching. So, even though the show is over 20 years old, it’s still relevant and comes up in conversation often. One of my friends was even inspired to write a blog, Jim Loves Trek. It’s hilarious and is the perfect companion to watching the show. At least for me it is.

In other news-

I made fried green tomatoes the other day. Don’t they look yum!?

Tuesday is my (and the bf’s) anniversary! 2 years! I got one of my presents on Friday…accidentally. We came home from grocery shopping and on the porch was a package from Amazon addressed to my bf

Me- Hey bf! there’s a package here for you. I’m going to open it

BF- Soph, no

Me-*tears it open and spies*

I knew it was for me. The bf isn’t a big reader and I’ve been wanting one for awhile now! I love it! I’ve read one book on it so far and purchased another today. I’ve also been reading r/kindle for Kindle tips and apps that one should have. If you’re a kindle reader, please share your favorite apps and must haves. He also bought me a kindle case and another gift should be on it’s way soon. Hurrah  for presents! On our actual anniversary, I’ll give him his gifts and I’ll probably still be packing since we leave the next morning around 6 am. :/


3 thoughts on “p is for procrastination

  1. Aw, the boyfriend is super sweet. Congrats on your two year anniversary and I hope you have many more together. I suppose by now you’ll be moved already. I hope you settle in soon xx

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