Run, run, run, to me

What an emotional week. I’ve been stressing out about lots of stuff, so I’ve neglected blogging, along with sleep. If you follow me on twitter, then you know what’s up. If not, I’ll tell you. ^_^ I put in my two week’s notice on Monday. My last day working at the pre-school/summer camp is August 17th. I also broke the news to my roller derby team that I will no longer be skating with them. Why all of this? I’m moving back to Memphis. Going back to school full time for Radiology. I’m excited about the changes and new, but familiar beginnings. And I’m nervous. Nervous about math-I havent taken math in almost a decade, roller derby-am I good enough for Memphis’ team?-and how I will fare without the bf for awhile-he will eventually join me, just not immediately. That’s the plan for now.

West Virginia, I’m going to miss your beautiful mountains and pepperoni rolls. I’m going to miss my team and the friends I’ve made here, but this is for the best.

Here’s a tune for Thursday, since I forgot Music Monday. ^_^




2 thoughts on “Run, run, run, to me

  1. I don’t do the whole Twitter thing. I have an account but I don’t/rarely use it. Its great that you’re going back to school. I went back to school last year but unfortunately our plans changed and the husband returned to the US. I’m hoping I can figure out the US school system and get my life back on track. From experience, its hard at first without the person you love. But its not forever. Hopefully you won’t have to be apart for too long xx

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