101 list

I haven’t updated my 101 list in quite some time. Mostly because I haven’t done anything on it! Here are a few things I’ve done, and hope to do very soon. November 18,2012 will be here before I know it, so I better start crossing things off!

36. see 5 live sporting events

I’ve seen more than 5. I’ve even played in more than 5. So I’m scratching this off.

39. Visit 5 museums-2/5 (1-carnegie museum, 2-The Met, 3-National Sculpture Museum)
When I was in DC I visited the National Sculpture Museum. That brings my count to 3/5!

64. Read 50 books
I’m always working on this one. You can check out my progress on Goodreads. And as always, suggest books for me to read! I’m currently reading “Gil’s All-Fright Diner” which is hilarious.

79. send a picture wearing one of Threadless tee’s to Threadless
I’m hoping to scratch this off this week. Threadless had a $10 sale last week and I picked u a couple of shirts. I will take pics this week and upload them here and on Threadless.


One thought on “101 list

  1. I love lists like these. I’m going to see what’s on your 101 list. Maybe I’ll start one of those when I’m at least halfway through my 29 at 29 list. xo!

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