via Penny Arcade!

Every time I pass a Blockbuster, I am in awe that it still exists! I’m even amazed that people use Redbox! I have not rented a movie since I was in high school. Why bother!? Between Netflix and Hulu, I’m covered. It’s much more convenient, not too mention less expensive to stream movies and current TV shows to my TV via my Xbox. I love it! So tell me dear internet, who still rents from Blockbuster? And why?! I am truly curious!

My 3 day weekend was relaxing. I didn’t do anything productive all day Saturday and Sunday . Just hung out with friends, skated, watched a shit ton of movies/TV (Remember how I used to LOVE Grey’s anatomy and then I stopped watching it when I moved to Holland in ’07? Well, I’m back on Grey’s again! Started off right where I left off-Season 5), went hiking, and read. Today (Monday) I crammed everything I didn’t do this weekend that I needed to do. All day clean fest, laundry, grocery shopping, and doing my hair. I needed that third day. Lately, I feel like I’m always going. It was nice to just do nothing.


Up this week: game one of the NBA finals (Go Mavs!), work, and lots of roller derby related stuff since we are hosting our FIRST HOME BOUT this Saturday. I am both excited/scared. The thought of it kind of makes me want to barf!


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