Music Monday and stuff

I’ve been playing roller derby for a year now. My league was brand new when I started, so we all learned everything together. After practicing and sweating our butts off for a year we are ready for our first season! Our first bout is in June, but we have a few scrimmages before then. I’m not nervous. My first scrimmage a couple of weeks ago took away all my nerves about bouting. Now, I’m just super excited! We are taking individual photos for our program pictures soon. Every time I attended roller derby bouts over the last year and looked at other players photos, I wondered how I would pose in my picture. I usually take my pics with a big goofy smile, but my derby name is Vicious. Not sure if my goofy smile will match the name. hehe. But I’m also not sure if I can pull off a mean vicious face.

2 more weeks of teaching pre-school! The kids graduate in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t have the summer off. I had the option, but can’t afford to do so. Instead I’m working at the school’s summer camp with the older kids. I already know I’m going to hate it, but It’s only 2.5 months. *crossing my fingers that the month’s fly by*

(posted a new recipe on SophLearnsToCook. Check it out!)


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