Happy Mother’s Day! I wish I could spend today with my mom, but she’s a couple of states away and there’s no way I can afford the gas. This week, I saw gas prices jump from $4.06 to $4.18. Ridiculous! I wish I could bike to work, but WV i s not a bike-friendly state and besides there are way too many hills for my liking.

Last week my roller derby team had our first scrimmage against another team. Actually against two other teams. We invited two other teams to our rink, we mixed ourselves up into two teams, and scrimmaged! It was a good time and I learned so much. I wasn’t really happy with my performance. I think I choked up and was so nervous to be hit by girls outside of my team, that I didn’t perform to the best of my ability. Well, I’m over that now so next time-watch out!

I watched my first Kentucky Derby last night. Friends of mine hosted a derby party complete with cucumber sandwiches, mint juleps, and beef tenderloins! Best hat award went to this young lady (obviously!)

And here’s my hat. A plain black floppy hat  to which I attached fake flowers.


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