Oh, yea. my 101 list

Remember my 101 list? I haven’t thought about it in awhile. >.<  RayJ actually reminded me of it when she posted a 101 list update post on her blog.

1. Travel to 10 states (6/10 Pennsylvania  (feb 2010), New York (march 2010), Ohio (July 2010), Connecticut (March 2011), New Jersey (March 2011), Massachusetts (March2011)

After our roadtrip last week, I get to add 3 more states to my goal of travelling to 10 states. We stopped in Connecticut for lunch and to visit my great-great grandfather’s statue which is located in New Haven, We stopped IN Jersey for shopping ^_^, and of course we were in Boston for PaxEast. I had such a good time! I’ll blog more about my trip in another post.

16. improve my Dutch

This one is a work in progress. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll judge this one. I’m currently on the intermediate Dutch Rosetta Stone CD

17. Try 10 new recipes (8/10 flourless peanut butter cookies, pepper soup, fufu, fried plaintain, pecan piechicken and broccoli stir frybolognese stuffed peppersbolognese sauce )

Thanks to my other blog, SophLearnstoCook, I can add 4 more new recipes to my list…with links!

22. knit 5 scarves for five friends (1-gryffindor scarf for Nat, 2-Black/white for Dev, )

41. Draw a heart in 50 places and take pictures of it (5/50 hhttp://heartsandhearts.tumblr.com/ )

I drew one on the “Rocky Steps”!

67. Complete 3 video games 3/3 (new super mario bros, Dragon Age, Limbo)

Oh yea…I can scratch this off! Could’ve scratched it off months ago


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