special day in February

(taken from google image search)That special day in February is just around the corner.  My students brought me TONS of chocolate, little valentine’s and I even got flowers. Very sweet of them. I’ve never gone all out for the holiday. Exchanges of an inexpensive, but thoughtful gift or a dinner out is the most I’ve ever done. This year will be no different. The bf is taking me out to dinner and my treat for him is his favorite dessert, pecan pie. I’ve never made ANY sort of pie before so this shall be a task and of course documented on SophLearnsToCook. I’m still debating if I want to make the crust from scratch or just buy a premade one. What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

I am so sore! Practice Thursday night consisted of an hour of off skates practice. We ran, did crunches, planks, lunges across the whole damn rink…I am still sore. It takes me 2 seconds to sit because I’m so sore. Hoping I’m better tomorrow because we have a Sunday practice with a visiting skater. I also have to look extra cute because the newspaper will be there with photographers.

Guys. I have something to confess. Something terribly lame, but OH so fun. I have started playing Magic the gathering. It all started from me making fun of Magic nerds actually. I went to my comic book store and was shocked at how many people were there. It’s usually just me and the owner, but that day it was packed. I asked him what the occasion was and he told me it was a magic the gathering event. I giggled and kept shopping for my comics. On the way home from the store I updated my FB status with “AMG! The Magic nerds are taking over my comic book store!” Some friends of mine were like, “so? It’s actually not a bad game”. I got interested. I told one of the friends that I would play if he taught me. He suggested that I start playing on Xbox live as its an easy  and cheaper (cards cost money!) way to learn the game. I downloaded it for 800 microsoft points and was completely engrossed for a whole evening. I picked the game up fairly quickly and beat the campaign in 2 days. Woot. I started playing online matches with my friends who have the game and I’m hooked guys! I’m meeting up with a friend today to start building an actual card deck. I’ve decided that I would like a green deck or a green/black deck. Those are the decks I love playing with so far. I’ll let you know which one I decide to go with…because you care ^_-


3 thoughts on “special day in February

  1. ha.

    what people who know me usually do not suspect is that i have a briefcase full of pokemon cards.

    i learned to play a long time ago in order to play it with a child, but found it to be an interesting game.

    dark secrets.

    go ahead and use store bought dough for your pie crust. don’t mess with it, though, and follow the directions. pie crusts are finicky.

    good luck.

  2. Flask, I know so many people who play pokemon card games. haha, I hear it’s a lot of fun!

    I took your advice and went with store bought. After looking at pie crust recipes, I got overwhelmed! I’ll let you know how it turns out

  3. hahaha these things happen. community piqued my interest in dungeons and dragons. i may just keep that a secret for now though. i don’t have time for seekign out new nerds ;)

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