bppv and munchkin

My doc’s appointment Wednesday went a lot better than the previous one. For one, I had MY doctor and I actually left with a diagnosis. He performed a ton of weird physical maneuvers on me, including this-

while he watched the movement of my eyes. After seeing a nystagmus in my eye, he came to the conclusion that I have Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo also known as BPPV. A lot of words that mean something’s messed up in my inner ear that’s causing my dizziness. It comes and goes in phases and can be fixed by an audiologist, a physical therapist, or I can just deal with it until it goes away. I’m gonna have to deal with it because I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford any of the above. Luckily, there’s the internet and I’ve found forums and blogs about different home maneuvers people do to help their BPPV.

In other news, my roller derby team acquired a new practice space. It’s bigger and better than our current one and allows us to practice more days a week. I’ll be practicing 3 days a week instead of 2 now. Hurrah for more exercise and less free time. We were supposed to have practice tonight, but it was cancelled.  I used the free time to attend Munchkin Monday! A gaming event at the comic book store I’ve been meaning to attend.

I love the game Munchkin (a hilarious card game that sorta mocks rpgs) and even own it, but I’ve only played it with the bf. It was a  lot more fun playing with a big group of people. And it was a good way to meet some new people.  The comic book shop had some other card games going on too! Magic the Gathering, WoW card game, DND, and some people were just hanging out. It was fun. It reminded me of being at a con where you can just randomly join pickup games, but on a much smaller scale. Speaking of conventions-I can’t wait for Penny Arcade East! The gamer festival for the East Coast is going down in Boston in just a month! My bf and I will be attending as well as a friend from Memphis, and a friend from Azeroth. ^_^ Counting down the days.


5 thoughts on “bppv and munchkin

  1. Oh, finally…you know what’s wrong with you! I’m sure you must be relieved. And now what? :-( I think I’m going to send you to Holland so you can get health care!

  2. @flask and @Steven It is such a fun game. Each player is racing to hit level 10 and throughout their journey to level 10 you can stop them by stealing their items, backstabbing, and just being a dick! It’s fun

    @kizzy and @michelle I know! I’m so glad too! My doctor called me yesterday and he actually arranged a free consult for me with a physical therapist next week. The PT is going to go over somethings that should help me out and if I have to see him for another appointment, we’re going to set up an affordable payment plan

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