My doctor’s appointment this week went terribly. My usual doctor was out of the country so I had an older lady who had no idea about my health history and didn’t care about it. I went in because I’ve been feeling very dizzy and nauseous for about a week and a half now. Last time I felt like this, my usual doctor diagnosed me with an inner ear infection, gave me some anti-dizzy meds, and advised me to come back in if the symptoms ever returned. Since the symptoms returned, I’ve been taking anti-dizzy meds. I told Dr. Old Lady this and she didn’t care. She ruled out another ear infection, pregnancy (LOL), heart problems, and sent me home with more anti-dizzy meds and nothing else. I don’t want to be on anti-dizzy meds, I want to know what’s causing all of this! When I went to the front desk, I told the nurse that I wanted another appointment with my actual doctor when he returned to work because Dr. Old Lady was no help at all. She told me it would be perfectly fine and that she understood. Thank goodness. So, *hopefully*, I’ll know what’s wrong with me this week. It’s getting scary. Just the other day in the grocery store, I almost passed out. I was just walking and my entire body got really tingly and my vision went really dark. I sat on the floor right then and there. I bet people thought I was a weirdo, but I couldn’t help it.

My area of the world is still covered in snow. We have about 3-5 inches on the ground at any given time. Its pretty, but annoying. I can’t wait until spring!

Make sure you check out my cooking blog. I’ve been cooking up a storm!


3 thoughts on “snowwww

  1. I know it’s a silly question – and you’ve probably already considered it … but are you drinking enough water and eating enough sugar? I’ve had black-outs and fainting spells and dizzyness more than once because I didn’t realize I didn’t have enough sugar or even though I THOUGHT I had tons of water – I was sweating it out – or losing it other ways.

    Please keep us updated!!! I hope you feel better soon. xoxo

  2. I’m positive I’m drinking enough water. Sugar? Not sure. Everyone keeps suggsesting that it could be because of sugar. Who knows? *shrugs* They’re doing blood work on Wednesday. Hopefully blood will show an answer to why I feel like this :/

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