Roller Derby Workout Week 2

The roller derby workout plan for week 2 was tough! I wish I could say I did everything this week, but I didn’t. I was busy with other things and never had time. I had one day of roller derby practice and only did 3 days of the workout. Hoping I can manage to do all activities for week 3. Even though I slacked this week, I have good news. I lost 2lbs and I can feel myself getting stronger. I can now do a whole set before I take a break!

Week 3 workout plan looks tough. It consists of tons of squats, burpees, pushups (real ones!) and tons of other core body strengthening exercises. I’m ready!

Can I take a moment to squee about 2 lbs?! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I’d like to thank my lose it app which helps me keep track of everything I put in my mouth each day and roller derby-which is exercise that I love.


2 thoughts on “Roller Derby Workout Week 2

  1. oh, sweetie, i’m sorry about the two pounds, but the average woman can fluctuate five pounds daily.

    if i want to lose two pounds, i use the toilet.

    just keep up your workouts and eat sensible like and you’ll do fine. you’ll see.

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