bonine and bonnie

I am sick with…something. It’s the same sickness I had a couple of months ago. I feel dizzy all the time and whenever I change elevation-go from sitting to standing or laying, I have to puke. I couldn’t go to work yesterday because it was so bad. When I went to the doctor a couple of months ago he said it was an inner ear infection screwing with my balance. He gave me some antibiotics and Bonine for the nausea/dizzyness and told me if I had the problem again to call, because it may not be an ear infection at all. So, I have an appointment Monday. In the meantime I’m popping Bonine like it’s my job. My actual job was pretty non existent this week. We were out of school on Monday for MLK day, had a snow day on Thursday, and I called in on Friday. I’ve come to really enjoy my job. At first it was a bit hectic, but now that I know my kids, my co-workers, the routine, it’s pretty enjoyable. My class is now learning the alphabet. Letter recognition, phonetics, and a bit of writing. Mostly recognition. You can’t ask for more from 4 year olds.

Hard to believe but it’s almost time to say goodbye to January and hello to February. I’m stoked for February because I get to train with Bonnie D. Stroir. Yes, THE BONNIE D. STROIR! She will be training my roller derby team for an entire weekend at the end of February. Bonnie is a roller derby legend. Every roller girl knows who she is. I’ve learned a lot from her “how to” videos when I first started skating and I can’t wait to learn more…in person!


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