The Christmas program went off without a hitch! Well… a couple of things went wrong, but that’s expected when there’s 20-4 year olds on a stage. One kid decided minutes before the play that he hated the donkey ears he had to wear. So he pouted his way onto the stage. Once he was in his position, he folded his arms, huffed and pouted, and turned himself around. Throughout the whole performance he had his back to the audience. I thought it was hilarious. But you should’ve seen the look on his parents faces. They were embarrassed. At least he got on the stage…another kid refused to get on stage. He walked in, threw his “ears” on the floor, and instead of going on the stage, he just sat at the bottom of the stairs and watched his friends perform. Still, it went better than I thought :) After the performance we had a luncheon for the parents with a special visitor–Santa!

Yesterday the roller girls and I were in another Christmas parade. Since it was held in the town I work in, I actually spotted some familiar faces in the crowd. Some of my kids were on the side screaming “MS SOPHIAAAAA!” It made me feel like a little celebrity…for four year olds. After the parade we went out for eats and drinks. Always a good time when we’re together.


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