Schweddy balls, snow, and cata

Snow, snow, snow! My town is covered in snow. So much that school was canceled Monday , Tuesday , and today there was a 2 hour delay. Yay for sleeping in ^_^ Tuesday marked the release of World of warcraft’s third expansion, CATACYLSM! As you know,  or maybe you don’t, I was a very devoted WoW-er until earlier this year. In March, after 5+ years of playing, I grew extremely bored of it all and  just quit! Everyone doubted that I would actually stay “in retirement” because I always came back in the past. Not this time. I even managed to go to the midnight release with my bf (he picked up a collectors edition) and not get a copy. If you’re playing it, I wish you luck in leveling and can’t wait to read about your adventures.

Tomorrow is my school’s Christmas program. My class is doing a skit and singing 2 songs. I’m really nervous about it. We ‘ve been practicing for about a month and a half but you couldn’t tel that from today’s dress rehearsal. They were squirming around, hitting each other, and not even singing the song. Bad practice, good performance is what I keep telling myself! Hopefully, I’m right. After the performance there will be a holiday luncheon and hopefully the parents take their kids home with them. Tomorrow evening my staff is having a Christmas dinner at a nice local restaurant.  Perfect timing. I’m sure we’ll all need to wind down after tomorrow.


I leave you with this festive video. Tis the season for Scweddy Balls!  This is one of my favorite SNL skits. Every time I watch it I’m in stitches!




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