is it friday, yet?

One of the after-school kids said “Ms. Sophia, you should get a manicure!” WHAAAAAT?! At first I was offended! Then I thought about it. 1) this little 10 year old is just saying that because her mom took her to get her first manicure this past weekend and she’s just so excited about it and 2) after looking at my hands, maybe I do need a manicure. My hands aren’t crusty and nasty. lol. I take good care of them and everything is filed and clean. But I haven’t worn nail polish in a while. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just not practical. I’m a pre-school teacher who washes her hands a billion times a day. Within just a few days, I’m sure it will start cracking. Nevertheless, I’m getting a manicure this week. I’m gonna pick out a funky color and see how long it lasts.


Oh man. It’s only Wednesday!? REALLY?!! This week is going by so slow. Maybe it’s just because I’m so excited about this weekend! Friday, my roller girls and I, are in the WVU homecoming parade. I’ll freeze my bum off in my shorts and fishnets, but it will be fun! and after the parade, we’re going out on the town…in our skates!!! On Saturday, I will be going to a live show of my faaaavorite podcast Keith and the Girl. If you haven’t heard of it, please check it out. It’s a daily podcast (on the weekdays!) about everything. Keith and his ex-girlfriend Chemda talking about life, love, relationships, sex, current events, comedy…EVERYTHING! Do yourself a favor and listen to a podcast. You will be laughing your ass off. Just type in Keith and the Girl on itunes and magically their podcasts will pop up.

Anywho, they’re having a live show on Saturday, October 23rd in Pittsburgh. I’m excited! Excited to meet some other listeners and see them. If you’re in the area, come out. Details, here!



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