I’ve had the most relaxing weekend. You know what I did? Nothing! Well, I cleaned, played video games, and watched TV, but besides that- nothing!  It was a lovely weekend. Such a great ending for a looooong week. I thought last week would never end. I think the weather had something to do with it. It was rainy and grey all week. Here’s to hoping for a dry week!

Or not. Just checked the weather forecast and it’s supposed to rain Monday-Thursday. Great! Luckily, I only have a 4 day work week and then, and then!?!? I’m off to NYC on Friday! Can’t wait! I haven’t been in a while and am looking forward to visiting my faaaaavorite city. I”ll mostly be comic-con-ing, but I’ll definitely visit the met, central park and whatever else I can fit in

In other news, THIS

I was dead set on buying a Nintendo 3DS when it came out, but after the price announcement, I’m re-considering! $300 for a handheld?! I mean, it’s not completely ridiculous, but I definitely wasn’t planning on dropping $300 for one. Sheesh, Nintendo. I mean…it sounds awesome with all of it’s new specs, but I think I’ll pass unless the price drops. I could buy a normal DS and a nook (which I reaaaaaaally want!) for that price. The Nintendo 3ds debuts in North America in March 2011. Right around my birthday! What a coincidence…Though I won’t buy one myself, I wouldn’t refuse it as a birthday present :)


One thought on “ommmm

  1. lol i’m saving up gift cards to get one :) i really really really want that new professor layton game (and all the others). plus i’ve never had a brand new, all mine handheld. my bestie gave me his old mini gba, but i left it on an airplane 2 years ago. my life has been sad without tetris and travel toys. hahah i should stop whining in this comment. the point: price sucks, but i’m still excited :)

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