detox and new hair-do

Dudes. I need to detox.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve  been eating terribly.  Probably due to a combination of things. Stress  (having to buy a new car, money, new job…) and  starting a new pill(my hormones are out of control!).  Everyone annoys me and I have no patience for anything. Not a good thing when you teach pre-school. Patience is a necessity with 4 year olds. Despite the moodiness, I’ve been able to keep my cool at work. At home is a different story. (Sorry BF!)

Oh yea…detox. I have been eating soooo much fast food. About four times within the last 2 weeks, not to mention stops at our local ice cream shop. Which is totally  not me…anymore. Not since I decided to be a healthier Sophia (in March ’10). I have barely eaten any fast food in the last 6 months. Maybe once every 2 months …If that. All of a sudden I want to stop at every fast food place I pass. And no, I am NOT PREGS. I take my pill religiously (and I peed on a stick just to make sure).

I don’t want to follow one of those liquid only detox. I’m afraid I wont have enough energy for roller derby if I do that!  Instead I’m just increasing my water intake and only eating fresh fruits/veggies for a few days. After that I’ll go back to eating healthy meals and watching everything that goes in my mouth…or that is the plan at least! If you know of any other ways to detox, please let me know!

New hair! I took my braids down and rocked an afro for a couple of days. Then I went to the salon and I walked out with this “do”. Tomorrow is the first day that my co-workers will see me without braids. I’m sure I’ll have to answer a million and one questions about my hair.


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