I tried 3 new recipes this weekend. If you didn’t know, my family is from Sierra Leone. As a West African girl, I was always exposed to yummy food. Unfortunately, I never learned how to cook any of it. When all the women were in the kitchen, I was outside playing with my cousins instead of watching/learning. Last night, I had a craving for some African food. I usually just drive to an aunt’s house or to a West African restaurant when I get these hankerings. Well, not anymore. Not in Smalltown, WV! I had to make it  myself. I called my dad to get recipes for pepper soup-a super, super, hot soup with veggies and meat!,  fufu – a thick sticky ball of starch that you dip and eat with the soup-no spoon!, and fried plantains!

Soup on the left and Fufu on the right (pic from Google)

They all came out fantastically! I was impressed by my own cooking. The bf didn’t like any of the food so he had a frozen pizza. The pepper soup was too hot for him, he didn’t like the consistency of the fufu, and he didn’t like plantains! No worries though…more for me ;)

3 new recipes means I’m amost to the point of crossing out #17 on my list! “17. Try 10 new recipes (4/10 flourless peanut butter cookies, pepper soup, fried plantain, fufu)”


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