“Ask the chocolate teacher if you can go to the bathroom!” -one of my pre-k kids to his friend that needed to use the potty

I’m the chocolate teacher! I had to giggle to myself when I heard it. It was so innocent. Work is going really well. I’ve been working here for 3.5 weeks now! Hard to believe it’s been that long. I feel like I just started. My co-workers are great, my boss is great, and the parents are awesome. Some of the kids are brats, but no one ever gets a perfect class. I’m loving the job! Though, I’m still getting used to having a normal sleep schedule.

My boss came in the classroom today to let me know that she looked everywhere for me on Facebook, but couldn’t find me. I wanted to tell her I didn’t have one, but I couldn’t just lie. Especially since I know she’ll find it somehow. She does have access to all of my information. Oh, well. I don’t have anything to hide. There aren’t pics of me doing a keg stands, dancing on a stage or making out with anyone. I just don’t want my boss on my Facebook! Is that weird? How do you guys feel about having co-workers/a boss as your facebook friend? I just don’t feel it’s appropriate. At least not yet.

I am counting down the days for two upcoming trips! I’m going to New York next month! New York is my most favorite city in the entire world!!! I haven’t been in a couple of years so I am beyond excited! I’ll be there for the New York Comic Con! I’m going to spend my entire Saturday at the con and HOPEFULLY that night I will be seeing the top ranked roller derby team in the nation play! That’s right, the Gotham City Girls. Eee! can’t wait!  Also, by some strange coincidence, my sister will be in town! I’ll get to hang out with her,  though not at the con. She refuses to go to  a “nerd convention” (lol). I’m sure we’ll spend the other 2 non “nerd convention” days together.

The second trip is to Chicago with one of my bestest friends, Devynn! I haven’t seen her in a year! It will be a blast even if we do nothing, BUT we are doing something. We’re going to Roller Derby national Championships, Uproar on the Lakeshore. I’m hoping some of my favorite teams will play. We shall see! There are 4 more regional tournaments and then we’ll know who will be playing at nationals! Congrats to the teams who proceed to the nationals from the North Central Region (that was played this past weekend). The Windy City Rollers, the Minnesota Roller Girls, and the Mad Rollin’ Dolls from Madison  have all advanced! Grats!!


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