Remember the last entry when I told you guys I was having an emotional week? That was nothing compared to the week that just ended. After shattering my iPhone, my bad luck decided to go on to bigger things! The next day, while driving to a neighboring city, the car broke down. It overheated and just stopped on the side of the highway. Don’t forget I was phoneless! I had no way of contacting anyone. I just wanted to fall down to my knees and cry. Luckily, someone stopped. Actually a few somebodies stopped to let me use their phones and make sure I was okay. Thanks, West Virginians for being so friendly!
I called the bf, he picked me up and we got the car towed (for an outrageous price!) to our usual mechanic’s place. Even though it was 11pm at night, he came out of his neighboring house, shirtless, with a bottle of beer in each hand to put our car in his garage and tell us the great news. He would be on vacation until Tuesday! Great news…for him. We decided to leave the car there anyway. He’s a great mechanic and we trust him. The car is still there and we won’t know what’s wrong with it until tomorrow. Hoping it’s nothing too serious. In the meantime, we rented a car! We had to. There was no way, we’d both be getting around to all of our engagements/work/school without it.
Also, this week-My water bottle exploded in my purse! That’s right folks, water all in my purse! What was in there? Books, my wallet, some semi important papers, and MY NINTENDO DS! It’s probably broken! I haven’t given up yet. A few sites and friends have told me to submerge it in rice for a couple of days. I’m going to try that. If not, it will have to go on my list of things to buy.
Broke car, broke phone, broke DS! What next, universe, WHAT NEXT?!?!!?

3 thoughts on “badluck

  1. I’m laughing at the image of your mechanic coming out of his house with two bottles of beer! Did he think someone in his house would take them? lol

    You’ve had a rough week, here’s hoping this week is the opposite. :)

  2. ‘submerge it in rice for a couple of days’

    Reminds me of Katg’s Chemda and her iPhone. She had it in a baggy in the freezer!

    Hope your DS comes back to live soon!

  3. O!M!G! What a shitty week for real! Did you get a new phone? That really sucks! Here’s something I just found out about the iPhone. If you buy it from best buy you can purchase the product replacement plan which covers your phone even if you drop and break it. They will replace it with no questions asked. My friends rant about it. I bought my pos from Apple. No chance that those fuckers will replace it. :)

    Hopefully all of the car stuff gets worked out this week!

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