3 day weekend

A 3 day weekend is just what I needed after the shit-tastic week I had. Besides laundry and tidying, the only thing I’ve done is relax. And by relaxing I mean gaming. ^_^ It has been awesome. I’ve been playing Puzzle Quest 2 and I finally picked up Dragon Age for Xbox.
Dragon Age is  a role-playing game by Bioware that EVERYONE in their mom raved about when it was released September 2009. I never picked it up, for whatever reason, but I finally did last week. I usually play rpg’s on my mac, so this is the first time I’m actually playing one on a console (besides Fable 2, which I hated). It’s different, but no complaints. I’ve spent a lot of this weekend getting lost in this game. I’m an elf mage (I’m always a mage). Dragon Age has a great story line even though it’s a bit long at times. I’m excited to see what will  happen next and how this will all end! I’ve heard it’s more than 60 hours long so I’ll be playing this one for awhile.
I’m also addicted to Puzzle Quest 2. Sounds lame, but it’s a great game! It’s a puzzle rpg. Think Bejeweled meets some random turn based RPG. You choose a class (I chose a mage of course) and battle your way through 6 fairly large floors. Each floor is progressively harder as you encounter wolves, goblins, yetis, basically anything on your way through the game.  You combat the enemies by using spells/weapons/attacks. To use these combat actions you need mana which you collect by matching 3 or more same colored jewels in a row. After collecting so many you can use them in a variety of spells/attacks. I’ve been playing for a few days and I’m hooked! I’m on the second floor and I’m level 14. Unfortunately, this game isn’t mac compatible so I have to kick the bf off his PC to play when I can :) Hopefully they open it up to Mac in the future!

2 thoughts on “3 day weekend

  1. Happy that you got to relax over the long weekend. I love bejeweled, but have never heard of Puzzle Quest 2, I’ll have to try it out!

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