We are Sex-Bob-omb!

Unfortunately, my podiatrist appointment went exactly as I thought it would. He wants me to stay off my skates for awhile and I’m going to have to get surgery to fix my ankle. I was right. It didn’t heal properly. I’m a bit depressed about not being able to skate, but I know it’s for the best. Don’t want to be hobblin’ around permanently in 10 years. Not sure when I’m going to get the surgery. An orthopedist will call me either today or early next week to talk particulars. Until then I am researching insurance plans. I am one of those 35 million uninsured Americans. It sucks! I don’t even know how to look for a plan. Why didn’t I have a class on this kinda crap in college? Calling my mom tonight for help and of course, comparing and contrasting on my little notepad.

In better news, Peanut’s doing better! I guess it was a one day illness type of thing. I’m glad. I was really worried. Still going strong on my diet. The first week is always the hardest for me. but I’ve been good and avoiding my cravings for things that don’t fit in my plan. The bf and I went to a midnight showing of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I’ve been waiting excitedly for that movie to come out since the day I saw the trailer. Since then, I’ve read all the books and fell in love with them. The movie was great. It followed the comic well. Of course it omitted some things and added others as all book to movie adaptations do. I loved it. And not just because of my crush on goofy, awkward, Michael Cera. It was hilarious! I laughed the entire length of the movie just as I did with the books. Go see it!

The soundtrack is equally awesome. With tracks from Metric, Beck, Broken Social Scene, and The Black Lips!


5 thoughts on “We are Sex-Bob-omb!

  1. Oh your poor foot! I’ve been out of the blog world while the BF has been in town – I’m going to have to catch up on my reading!!

    Glad Peanut is doing better!

    And good luck with the health insurance. I was also one of those 35 million Americans – just signed up last month. It’s a lot of work to apply and compare – hopefully it’s worth it!!

    (but be careful because most of them have pre-existing condition clauses and they may not cover your foot because you saw a Dr. for the injury before getting insurance.)

  2. DAISY! I miss you in the blogger world! and on FB :) Is the BF relocating to Utah?

    I have pages full of notes about different insurance companies and their plus and minuses. Hoping to be insured by next month!

  3. ugh ugh ugh insurance. just found out a college bestie might need to have surgery on a very sensitive area, and she’s sans insurance, too :( i hope you (both) find something affordable and decent

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