I’m scared because

a) Peanut’s sick. He’s been lethargic, hasn’t eaten anything, and has diarrhea :( If he’s still this way tomorrow, he’s going to the vet. I hope everything’s ok. My heart is aching just watching him like this.

b) I am going to the podiatrist tomorrow. Even though it’s been 2.5 years since I broke my ankle and fibula, it’s still giving me problems! My ankle swells after standing on it for awhile and it hurts when moved in certain positions. I don’t think it ever healed properly. I’m worried that he will tell me to stop skating or more importantly, that I need surgery. I’m probably just overreacting. We’ll see tomorrow.

*crosses fingers*


2 thoughts on “scared

  1. Little Peanut?! I swear, pet illnesses are oftentimes twice as stressful as personal illness/injuries. I hope everything works out! xoxo (for Peanut) xoxo (for you)

  2. Little Peanut is fine, thank you! I guess it was a one day thing. He woke up the next day with a lot of energy and finally ate some food.

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