Oh yeahhh….I have a blog. don’t know if you noticed, but Ive been gone for about a two weeks. It shouldn’t be a shock. I take little breaks like this all of the time. :) What have I been up to? Not much. Just didn’t feel like blogging. We all get that way sometimes, right?

I’m still at my lame retail job. Still applying to every job that I come across to no avail. No one wants to hire me! Or even interview me :( Remember last week when I said I had an interview? Well, the lady called to cancel it because they hired a friend of another teacher that worked there. Living in a small town sucks. I’m beginning to think getting a job around here is all about who you know and unfortunately, I don’t know very many people here. I don’t know what else it could be. I have tons of experience, my resume is awesome, and I am very prompt at communications with the employer. Who knows! I just hope my luck in the job department looks up.

Roller Derby is going great! We hosted a bootcamp for interested skaters and held try outs last week. I’m happy to say we have 3 new girls for our fresh-meat team. At the end of their 3 months as fresh meat, they will take a skills test. If they pass, they’ll join us and officially be on the team. If not, they stay on the fresh meat team and test again later. Exciting! We are having our first scrimmage against another team this month. Even if it is just a friendly scrimmage, I’m scared and excited at the same time. The team we’re playing has a lot more experience than we do and will probably beat us, but it’ll be great to learn from them and get bouting experience under our belt. Oh and did I mention two news channels and a newspaper will be there? Yea…that.

(a pic of us from a charity event this weekend)

Besides derby and work, the bf and I have been taking advantage of West Virginia’s natural beauty. We’ve been hiking at a few of the state parks and spent some time on some lakes. It hasn’t been very hot here so perfect weather to hike in.

Check out this amusing sign we came across. *giggle*


3 thoughts on “chyea!

  1. bummer about the job stuff. keeping my fingers crossed that something awesome comes along

    that sign is so awesome. i always wonder if stuff like that was done on purpose :)

  2. omgosh – I always see people post funny signs but I never believe them – but obviously this is real.


    Oh and I hear you on the job thing. :( My BF can’t seem to find a job in UT. :( it blows. good luck to you!!

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