oh, hi-o

I get to get out of the state for awhile this weekend. I’ll be spending my 4th of July weekend in Columbus, Ohio with my family…ALL OF MY FAMILY. It’s gonna be crazy, dramatic, and hopefully fun? I have a huge family. HUGE! it’s a family reunion for the Sierra Leonean side of my family. Which not only includes, my cousins, second cousins, third cousins, but people who are my family just because they grew up with my family back in Sierra Leone and yea…it’s huge. I’m excited to see my sister and dad for sure, some of my cousins, and Columbus. I’m not excited to hear “oooooh my goodness! You have gained so much weight”! and “Are you married?” and the “what are you doing now?”‘s I especially hate the last one because all of my cousins are doctors, lawyers, in med school and me? I have a useless degree and play roller derby. I see nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t cut it for my family. I am the slacker who would rather play in Amsterdam for 2 years than go do more school, the girl who is weird and protests everything, I am the one that gets the most shit. Hopefully, this weekend doesn’t have too much of it. :/

I’m driving there. It’s only 3.5 hours away from me. Which is nice, because I can totally bolt and go home if I want to!


5 thoughts on “oh, hi-o

  1. Good luck. One day when you’re a famous roller derby champion they’ll change their tune. I love that you love who you are. That’s better than any other accomplishment in my book.

  2. I for sure feel you on this post. My family is coming this weekend and I can only HOPE that it turns out well. Also, I am the adventurous one in my family. I always get the “what are you doing now” questions. I just proudly tell them what I’m doing and shrug it off. Just have fun!

  3. I’ll be away visiting the family too (mother’s side.) Yep huge family here too, my mom has 16 brother/sisters. Ad the children, grandchildren, and in some cases great grandchildren it can overwhelming.

    I’m similar in that I was the one that balked the traditional stuff and decided to do what I enjoyed instead of pursuing what I went to college for, no complains here. ;)

    My family pretty much leaves me along when it comes to telling me what I should do. Since I don’t back down, and will challenge them (in a polite way.)

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