crossing off some stuff

Remember my 101 list? You know the list where I have to do 101 things in 1001 days? Yah well it’s time to update it!

Things I get to cross off

31. Make 5 new friends.
I joined a roller derby team and I got about 15 new friends!

59. purple headphones I actually bought these a while ago. flat over the ear headphones. I HATE earbuds.

69. see a film in IMAX– Again, another thing I did awhile ago. The bf and I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D Imax

In progress…
36. see 5 live sporting events-1/5 I went to roller derby bout in May.

34. visit or meet up with 5 of my friends I met in Amsterdam Planning on meeting up with at least one of them while I’m in Austin in August

32. Meet one of my blogger friends in real life! I may be meeting Michelle of Desultory Diversions of and Ms. Ebony of Seize the Moments at the end of July!

41. Draw a heart in 50 places and document it in pictures (4/50 Check them out here–> )

44. Try 5 new foods– (1/5) 1. Pepperoni Roll.

48. Lose 25 lbs ( lost 14)-Since January a total of 14lbs. woot

70. send 3 postcards or letters every month for a year (3/12 March, April, May) I need to send out June postcards. Only have a week left.


4 thoughts on “crossing off some stuff

  1. I’m so jealous you are having a bloggy friend meet-up!!! And omgosh – I sooooo need to update my 101 list. Now that I’m back I think I have to revise it a bit … yikes!!

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