Pittsburgh Pride was a lot of fun. Unfortunately because of rain, we didn’t skate. we couldn’t risk ruining our skates! We still had a lot of fun and I was glad I got to participate.

This week in derby…We learned how to jump. For our skills test we will have to clear a 3 inch obstacle with both of our feet leaving the ground and landing on the ground simultaneously. I suck at it. I can get over it…just not the proper way. I’m doing more of a leaping/prancing with one foot landing then the other. I practiced some jumping in the house today and did pretty well. Hopefully it translates to the rink tomorrow. >.<


3 thoughts on “pride

  1. When I lived downtown I always went to the pride parades.

    It was convenient since it was right in my neighborhood (Mount Vernon.) I still would have gone if it wasn’t. Mount Vernon is predominantly gay.

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