Music Monday

A couple of weeks ago I asked all of my facebook friends (via status update) the name of the first CD or tape they ever purchased was. I got hilaaaarious answers. Wayne’s World 2 soundtrack, Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, Weird Al, Bone Thugs N Harmony, they may be giants, and Goo Goo Dolls. All from the early 90s. My first cd was No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom and this was my faaaaaaaaaavorite song from the album!

What was the first CD or tape YOU ever purchased?


6 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. oh. my. god. this is hands down my most favorite no doubt song of all time! i used to sing it in the mirror all the time when i was 13 lol

    my first “bought this myself with my own money (allowance)” CD was hanson – middle of nowhere. hahahah i’m still mildly embarrassed by that

  2. First CD I ever got was dcTalk’s “Jesus Freaks” which my parents got for me for Christmas to go along with the CD player/dual tape deck stereo I was getting for Christmas… but the first one I bought myself was Ace of Base’s 2nd album, “The Bridge” (the one with “Beautiful Life” on it).

  3. I cannot think of Tragic Kingdom without Jewel’s Pieces of You coming to mind as they go hand in hand in my memory (I think I got them around the same time)! So funny. My first CD purchase (with my own money) was the 1996 Grammy Nominees CD followed shortly by the Mariah Carey Boyz II Men collaboration “One Sweet Day” single. awesome.

  4. @michelleI used to put on concerts with my sister of the entire Tragic Kingdom album. And I had that Hanson cd too, so don’t be embarrassed!

    @rachel-OoOOoOh the CD/Tape Stereo. i never got one of those.I always had the personal players

    @E oh my goodness! I haven’t even thought about the song “One Sweet Day” until you said that and immediately the song popped in my head and I still know most of the words!

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