Linkie from Pinkie

One of my favorite blogs recently had their site wiped clean! All of their blog posts, comments, everything!!!! And they have no way of restoring it. :( Instead of sulking, they said “shit happens!” and rebuilt a new site. Make sure you check out the beautiful and talented, Shannon and Andrea (yup…Hazel from Degrassi!) at ThoseGirlsAreWild! They write on everything-current events, celeb gossip, sex, beauty/hair, new music, relationships, and my favorite-their videos! They do hilaaaarious skits and topic of the week videos. Here are a few of my favorites!

Wild Girls on Turn Offs

Wild Girls “how do you do those dances?” (this one cracks me up. I definitely am always confused at the current dances while my sister just sees it and does it. I never get it!)

Oh and this one! A spoof of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dream” about their lack of internet.

and they also talk about important current events. here’s a video on Health Care Reform

Sorry for spamming you with videos! Just wanted to share them with you! Hope you enjoy and definitely subscribe to their blog!


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