Warning-This is going to be the most random blog post! I’m feeling kind of random and spastic…so this post will be too! :P

I forgot Music Monday this week. Forgive me?


This week has been crazy for me emotionally. Nothing major has happened, I’ve just been a little homesick, talked to the Swedish ex, oh, and Aunt Flo should be here any day now. Perfect mix for a very emotional week!

Today is Cinco De Mayo, The Netherlands independence day aaaaaaand my one year anniversary of being back in the states. :/ I miss Amsterdam SO much! Especially this little girl who I spent most of my days with.

I’m so lucky to still be able to “see” her grow through the eyes and lens of Lorraine Veronica, the photographer and her au pair.

Today also marks one year since I adopted Peanut!

Roller Derby is going fantastically. I, and the rest of the girls, have improved sooooo much since our first practice. I’m enjoying it more and more every time I go! We’re getting uniforms soon! I know some of you have been wanting to see a pic of me in my derby gear. I’m going to wait until I get the uniform. Until then you can look at this pic of me, Jacob, and Edward.

*i’m team Edward, by the way. UNLESS Jacob has his shirt off ^_^


7 thoughts on “RANDOM

  1. @kizzy thanks!
    @manon always <3
    @rachel thaaaaanks! I dont like the fans either and dont consider myself one, buuuut i think those two are hot. lol

  2. What a beautiful picture of the little girl you nannied!!

    Have your really been back for a year? Where has the time gone??

    You’re looking fantastic!!!

    And I hope you’re feeling less homesick xoxo

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