i'm back!

The job interview went great! Thanks for all the well wishes. I should hear back from them by next Wednesday. After the interview, I’m not really sure if I’m interested in the position anymore. I thought I was just applying for a job as an assistant teacher at a junior high, but it’s at a school for troubled girls. I don’t think I’m qualified or patient enough for such a position. The girls are court ordered to the school by the state so they DON’T want to be there, some of them are former substance abusers and they all have behavioral problems. It would be a great experience and I would love to change (or attempt to) someone’s life and steer them in the right direction, but I don’t think I could do it. I’m definitely not strong enough to deal with girls who will probably be disrespectful (not their fault), yelling and just mean! I’d cry! Or yell back! So, still looking for a job :)

Derby practice this week was a lot tougher than last week. Last week after practice I was sweaty and energetic, this week tired and crawling to the shower! We worked on falling. In derby there’s a lot of falling so we have to learn the correct way to fall to avoid injury. We learned the one knee fall on both our dominant and non-dominant legs. I was ok when we were standing side by side doing the falls. I did have a bit of trouble on my non-dominant leg, but mostly I was ok. The trouble for me came when we had to skate, and at the sound of a whistle, fall to our knees and get back up as fast as we could and continue skating. It was a work out and I’m still feeling it today! We also worked on crossovers, side stepping in skates, and what practice of ours would be complete without a game? We played duck, duck, goose on skates! Fun times. Even though I’m a bit sore, looking forward to next week when we’re going to start 2 day a week practices. WOOT!


3 thoughts on “i'm back!

  1. Sounds like youn just get better and better with each practice! It sounds like great fun and because of all the derby talk I really want to go to one. Just not sure there is one in Norway..

    Also good luck applying for more jobs. I think the one you went for an interview for sounds like a challenge but a good one.

  2. Ooh – that would be TOUGH!! I hope you post some video of your games or practices some time – it would be fun to see you in action!!

    (I don’t think I could work with troubled girls either btw … it’d be too rough!!)

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